Magdalena Adler
I used to.
Mon May 7, 2018 13:33

History of magic was not the showiest class. It involved less wandwork and gave Alena ample opportunities to use all fifteen of her coloured quills for her revisions notes. In theory it should have been perfect for someone with Alena’s delicate sensibilities. But Professor Boot had time and again proven he was not going to tailor his lessons to fit the less excitable student who preferred neat note-making activities to role-playing. Needless to say, Alena had found the entire soap blizzard incident inconsiderate and slightly traumatising. It was clear Professors Boot didn’t care what soapy water could do to a thirteen year old girl’s hair.

So Alena was pleasantly surprised when Professor Boot declared they would be working on group projects. She sat up straighter in her chair, brow knitted tightly in concentration as she jotted down every detail in her precise print:

Big. Informative. Creative.

And then she waited. But no more details emerged and Alena found herself scanning her notes in confusion, surely she hadn’t misheard? Had she missed the title of the project? Her breathing began to quicken as she glanced madly around the classroom searching for some sign that her classmates knew what was going on. Everyone else seemed just as baffled but it was no relief to Alena. Flustered, she glanced over at Remington. Surely, Remington would know what to do?

Remington was one of the brightest students which was exactly why Alena had chosen to sit beside her. Alena nearly always needed an extra nudge in the right direction so she had taken to forcing herself on some of the smarter children. At first she’d felt a little guilty about it. They probably had friends they wanted to partner with and defienetly didn’t need stupid Alena dragging them down but she had come to see it as the fairest solution. Someone like Remington could carry Alena without their grade suffering too much. It really was for the best. However, today it seemed that Remington was no wiser than Alena.

Alena slumped against her chair and sighed heavily, “I was hoping you would know. Do you think it would be worth asking Boot for more details?”

Alena was frightened of authority figures, and Boot was no exception but she didn’t know if she could take the stress of trying to figure out what to focus the project on. Boot really hadn’t been messing around when he told them to be ‘creative’. Unfortunately, creativity was one of many things Alena lacked.

She slipped her hand into her robe pocket and pulled out a bag of Fizzing Whizbees, offering them to Remington, she popped one in her own mouth. She rolled it around in her mouth finding the process of sucking on the candy oddly soothing. Candy lodged against her left cheek, she lamented, “To think I was excited about a project. I should have known better. Boot is impossible.”

  • I actually kind of do though - Remington Burnham, Thu May 3 12:49
    Remington Burnham never missed a class. She could imagine very few situations where she would. One of those happened recently, when Dade disappeared during boggart day during Defense Against the Dark ... more
    • I used to. - Magdalena Adler, Mon May 7 13:33
      • I bet we can figure it out again - Remington, Wed May 16 10:34
        Remington gave Alena an apologetic smile. “I’m pretty sure asking Boot would be the worst idea. Well, it’s the worst idea if we don’t have something to offer him, like a pastry or a baked good.” When ... more
        • I'm a little doubtful - Alena, Thu May 17 19:08
          “I don’t suppose a Fizzing whizbee would sweeten him up?” Alena joked tensely, seeing as that was about all she had to offer. She chewed her lip worried about what the sporadic lesson plans of the... more
          • That's okay, I'll help you be sure - Remington, Sat May 19 22:01
            “If only,” Remington sighed, “But I get the feeling that Boot is more into pastries than candy. We’ll have to bring him fancy donuts or something next class. I bet he’d lose his mind.” While the... more
            • Phew. Thanks. - Alena, Mon May 21 12:47
              “I don’t know a lot about the feminist movement,” Alena admitted. Alena wasn’t well versed on feminism. It had come up in class a little but Alena’s mind often drifted as new worries popped into her... more
              • You're welcome! - Remington, Tue May 22 07:59
                Despite Alena not offering much help, Remington still managed a smile and a shrug. So she didn’t know much about the feminist movement or about Muggles. Well, good, they were here to learn. It would... more
                • Alena let out a little sigh of relief when Remington confirmed that this would be the topic of their project and then began to rattle off a list of things to start things in ernest. Alena sat by her... more
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