Andrew Tennant
Doing less of the work is always good
Wed May 9, 2018 09:12

History of Magic was an interesting balance of being bored by Professor Boot and actually caring about the subject. Drew was a couple of years off from having to choose which subjects he would continue with, but he liked storytelling—whether it was making up a plot to go with Madeleine and Kit’s games or writing a newspaper article—and history was a story just like any other. It was just a shame that textbooks could make the most interesting battles and stuff seem as boring as waiting for your cauldron to boil. Professor Boot did exciting things sometimes—like the soap blizzard—but other times he went for dull lectures. If Professor Boot didn’t teach it, Drew would’ve already made up his mind about continuing with History of Magic after third year.

The thing about Professor Boot was that he didn’t always seem to know he was teaching a class—sort of like Aunt Cindra, but different. Drew got the feeling that Professor Boot would show up to the classroom and talk about history every day regardless of whether students showed up, whereas Cindra might notice if all of her students skipped class.

Drew didn’t always pay as much attention as he could in History of Magic, but he didn’t remember being assigned a group project. And this was one of the classes he actually put effort into. (He didn’t care so much about Astronomy and Cultural Studies, for example. He didn’t mind Potions, but since he usually worked with Kit, Drew had pretty much given up on his grades in that class. It was a lost cause. Most of his effort in Potions went into just making sure their cauldron didn’t literally explode, never mind how close the contents were to what they were supposed to be making. It was for the common good.) So Drew was pretty sure that this meant Professor Boot had forgotten to assign them a project, and he was also one hundred percent sure that having forgotten to assign them the project wouldn’t stop Professor Boot from giving them grades.

So they were just… supposed to invent a project? With diagrams? Hmmm. They’d basically just been given permission to do a project on whatever they wanted, because he’d bet his broomstick that Professor Boot didn’t have a rubric or anything either. The second-year leaned back in his seat and stretched, then turned to his table mate.

“Wanna be partners?” he asked. “I don’t think Professor Boot cares what we do the project on, so like, if there’s something you really wanna research, we can do that.” Drew couldn’t think of a particular event he wanted to do a project on off the top of his head, but if his partner chose something they really cared about, they’d be more interested in doing the work, and then he wouldn’t be stuck partnered with someone who wasn’t going to do anything helpful.

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    • Nothing out of the ordinary - Jesse Keller, Fri May 11 10:06
      The patch of worn fabric on the sleeve of Jesse’s uniform robes had long since become a hole. He had attempted to mend it on a couple of occasions with a spell he had found in his textbook, Reparo ,... more
      • Same stuff, different day? - Petra Stiglitz, Tue May 15 13:48
        If there was a class that Petra was willing to skip altogether, it was one-hundred-percent History of Magic. It was one of those classes that the Aquila couldn’t wait to stop going to altogether. She ... more
        • No two days are the same - Jesse, Tue May 15 14:50
          The girl Jesse had spoken to was not a first year. He didn’t know her name, or anything much about her, except that she was in one of the yeargroups currently taking this class, and probably he could ... more
    • Doing less of the work is always good - Andrew Tennant, Wed May 9 09:12
    • Dazed and confused - Satveer Mittal, Fri May 4 11:57
      Satveer sat semi-slumped at his desk. His elbow perched atop the wood and his hand cupping the side of his chin, supporting his thumping head, as he listened to Professor Boot. Having gone to bed... more
      • Perplexed and concerned - Marley Chapman, Wed May 9 19:29
        It didn’t take long into Professor Boot’s announcement for Marley to conclude that she really must’ve zoned out last class. What had they even been talking about then? She very clearly remembered the ... more
        • erm. yes! - Satveer, Thu May 10 11:45
          Satveer’s was happy with how his appearance had changed since he had started RMI. After the embarrassment of his first few weeks (where apparently he was the only one who wore shirts and trousers to... more
          • Also a tad worried about you - Marley, Tue May 15 18:25
            Satveer’s reassurance that his, well, whatever was going on with him, had nothing to do with their mysterious History of Magic project was not exactly the most reassuring reassurance Marley had... more
            • Which one of us are you worried about? - Satveer, Wed May 16 11:10
              Satveer couldn’t help but feel somewhat sorry for himself. His rough night and inability to eat topped off with his feeling conscious about his flaky appearance really had really hindered his ability ... more
    • I actually kind of do though - Remington Burnham, Thu May 3 12:49
      Remington Burnham never missed a class. She could imagine very few situations where she would. One of those happened recently, when Dade disappeared during boggart day during Defense Against the Dark ... more
      • I used to. - Magdalena Adler, Mon May 7 13:33
        History of magic was not the showiest class. It involved less wandwork and gave Alena ample opportunities to use all fifteen of her coloured quills for her revisions notes. In theory it should have... more
        • I bet we can figure it out again - Remington, Wed May 16 10:34
          Remington gave Alena an apologetic smile. “I’m pretty sure asking Boot would be the worst idea. Well, it’s the worst idea if we don’t have something to offer him, like a pastry or a baked good.” When ... more
          • I'm a little doubtful - Alena, Thu May 17 19:08
            “I don’t suppose a Fizzing whizbee would sweeten him up?” Alena joked tensely, seeing as that was about all she had to offer. She chewed her lip worried about what the sporadic lesson plans of the... more
            • That's okay, I'll help you be sure - Remington, Sat May 19 22:01
              “If only,” Remington sighed, “But I get the feeling that Boot is more into pastries than candy. We’ll have to bring him fancy donuts or something next class. I bet he’d lose his mind.” While the... more
              • Phew. Thanks. - Alena, Mon May 21 12:47
                “I don’t know a lot about the feminist movement,” Alena admitted. Alena wasn’t well versed on feminism. It had come up in class a little but Alena’s mind often drifted as new worries popped into her... more
                • You're welcome! - Remington, Tue May 22 07:59
                  Despite Alena not offering much help, Remington still managed a smile and a shrug. So she didn’t know much about the feminist movement or about Muggles. Well, good, they were here to learn. It would... more
                  • Alena let out a little sigh of relief when Remington confirmed that this would be the topic of their project and then began to rattle off a list of things to start things in ernest. Alena sat by her... more
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