Marley Chapman
Perplexed and concerned
Wed May 9, 2018 19:29

It didn’t take long into Professor Boot’s announcement for Marley to conclude that she really must’ve zoned out last class. What had they even been talking about then? She very clearly remembered the soapy “learning activity”, as one of the older Lyras had nicely phrased it (a lot nicer than Marley’s own description, anyways, which included the word “Chaos” with a capital C). But now, she couldn’t remember if that had been last class or actually two weeks prior. Honestly, the only part of her life at RMI that wasn’t running all into itself in her head were play rehearsals for ‘Little Shop’ - it would’ve been pretty hard to confuse the timeline of rehearsals since, for the most part at least, they broke down the scenes and songs into smaller chunks and practiced them chronologically. When they weren’t rehearsing, usually she was either watching the props team doing props things or sitting still for Holland to perfect her costuming for the performance at term end. Those periods blended together more, although she doubted that she could truly mix up whether they had done hair or makeup any given day in quite the same way that she mixed up whether they had done werewolf protests or ghoul uprisings in a recent History of Magic class.

Having concluded that she was totally behind, the dark-skinned girl scrambled to find something to write with. In her frenz, the tip of her ballpoint dug a bit too hard into her notebook, leaving a smudge of blue ink under the words no soap. Oh, well. At least she’d gotten it written down in time, because now the mustached Professor was turning away from the front. Gosh, this sounded like a big project, if they were supposed to work on it for an entire class. Props suggested that some kind of presentation was involved, and multiple diagrams suggested… comparisons? Analyzing something? Maybe even mathematics was involved, to get all the proportions right of… well, whatever they had to make the diagrams of. Or whatever, plural. Maybe the diagrams were supposed to be of two different things.

This was intense. As far as Marley could remember, they hadn’t done anything nearly so in-depth before, except for that one time in second year when Professor Boot had assigned a very long essay that required a hand-drawn map of a French goblin territory from like five hundred years ago. She hadn’t been able to find any reference pictures in their textbooks, and had gone to class worrying about it, but then Professor Boot didn’t even ask to see their papers. Come to think of it, that paper was still living at the back of her dorm closet, probably, with all the other ungraded assignments for History of Magic. She was skeptical of putting them in the recycling bin, because doing that seemed like the best way to get Boot’s attention. How awkward would it be if she threw out a paper only for him to suddenly remember it and ask to see it? It wouldn’t be as awkward as him suddenly remembering, from her perspective, but still.

Glancing to her left, Marley spotted one of her younger Housemates, Satveer, in the seat nearest her. She had no idea if he’d sat there intentionally - had they been assigned partners for this project? She could, however, tell that he looked different than usual. Which was admittedly not a hard thing to see, since he was sort of flopped over on the desk. “Are you alright?” she asked, shifting closer, brown eyes frowning with spontaneous concern. Possibly he had just eaten something odd at breakfast, but with the class’s prior soapy chaos in mind, she was a little suspicious that the reaction he was having was in response to whatever their assignment was today. But presumably not soap-related, as that had been part of Professor Boot’s explicit instructions - not that that helped narrow it down too much. “You haven’t done anything too… experimental for our project thing, have you?”

  • Dazed and confused - Satveer Mittal, Fri May 4 11:57
    Satveer sat semi-slumped at his desk. His elbow perched atop the wood and his hand cupping the side of his chin, supporting his thumping head, as he listened to Professor Boot. Having gone to bed... more
    • Perplexed and concerned - Marley Chapman, Wed May 9 19:29
      • erm. yes! - Satveer, Thu May 10 11:45
        Satveer’s was happy with how his appearance had changed since he had started RMI. After the embarrassment of his first few weeks (where apparently he was the only one who wore shirts and trousers to... more
        • Also a tad worried about you - Marley, Tue May 15 18:25
          Satveer’s reassurance that his, well, whatever was going on with him, had nothing to do with their mysterious History of Magic project was not exactly the most reassuring reassurance Marley had... more
          • Which one of us are you worried about? - Satveer, Wed May 16 11:10
            Satveer couldn’t help but feel somewhat sorry for himself. His rough night and inability to eat topped off with his feeling conscious about his flaky appearance really had really hindered his ability ... more
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