erm. yes!
Thu May 10, 2018 11:45

Satveer’s was happy with how his appearance had changed since he had started RMI. After the embarrassment of his first few weeks (where apparently he was the only one who wore shirts and trousers to class, despite his father affirmation that it was a respectable school and it’s what they did), his father parents had allowed him more freedom in his clothing choices. These freedoms resulted in a more casual wardrobe that perhaps his father would have liked, but Satveer chose to believe his father allowed him to continue with the casual look as it helped with Satveer’s confidence around the other students. Not unlike his father’s effort to blend in with the locals, in which he’d taken to not wearing a tie around town (this was a big thing for him).
The allowance of Satveer’s casual attire was, however, caveated with some ‘ground rules’:
Satveer was to appear presentable at all times. He was to conform to the schools dress code regarding robes and lessons. His clothing had to be clean, ironed and represent a presence of composure and strength, in much the same way his formal attire did.

Whilst he was subconsciously aware that he was in the presence of other students, he was in class afterall, it hadn’t really dawned on him that the other students could see him in such a dishevelled state. Even though he was ill, it played on the back of his mind that he was not looking his best.

“Are you alright?”

Satveer came too with a start. He suddenly became very aware of himself at the realisation that another student was both talking to, and approaching him. In an attempt to gain composure, he sat up from his somewhat slumped, oozing, position. In doing so, his head became heavy and some moved slightly of its own accord. Whilst his new posture didn’t exactly bestow confidence and strength to onlookers, it was more dignified than the puddle of a boy he had previously represented.

Sluggishly, Satveer turned his head to see a slightly concerned Marley. Marley was OK in Satveer’s book. He’d not had many extensive interactions with her. Other than the pizza they’d shared when he’d first started at RMI and the common courtesies they had each shared when passing in the halls or the common room. His relationship was best described as ‘typical of that of a fourth and second year’. So when Marley asked “You haven’t done anything too… experimental for our project thing, have you?”, Satveer wasn’t quite sure how to answer. His snotty-headthumpy-state aside, he wasn’t quite sure if Marley was asking if he had taken hallucinogens or narcotics. His mind raced on a mix of germs and self consciousness. Was he so ill that he looked high? If so, he couldn’t tell if was she looking to get some or not? Oh no, did Satveer’s appearance give off the impression that he was a man who could locate certain things from time to time?

Admittedly, could Satveer have gotten his hand on some wormwood, he’d have been able to brew enough tea for a good, mellow, time. He’d seen his uncle use wormwood in a number of ways, may times. Always for comic effect ceremonial occasions. note to self, when compos mentis, look to obtain wormwood.

“I, erm” Satveer mumbled, whilst steadying his head and focusing on Marley's eyes. “No, I just don’t feel myself”.

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    • erm. yes! - Satveer, Thu May 10 11:45
      • Also a tad worried about you - Marley, Tue May 15 18:25
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          Satveer couldn’t help but feel somewhat sorry for himself. His rough night and inability to eat topped off with his feeling conscious about his flaky appearance really had really hindered his ability ... more
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