Petra Stiglitz
Same stuff, different day?
Tue May 15, 2018 13:48

If there was a class that Petra was willing to skip altogether, it was one-hundred-percent History of Magic. It was one of those classes that the Aquila couldn’t wait to stop going to altogether. She wasn’t really sure what she wanted to do with her life yet (after all she was only fourteen) but it was going to be something more exciting than dealing with the topics that Professor Boot liked to drone on about. The only time the old man had been interesting to her was when he’d held a pancake eating contest in her first year. She remembered that one of the third years had challenged him and Petra wasn’t sure she’d ever seen anyone eat so many pancakes before. Beyond that, the man had an incredibly dull talent for making history even more boring than it was originally and that was saying something considering it was magical history at that. With any luck, she could ignore him for most of the lecture and still do reasonably on whatever essay he assigned.

The blonde girl had trudged into the lecture hall with the determination of a slug. She was slow going, but would get there eventually. She eventually dropped unenthusiastically into a seat, pulling out a quill and some fresh parchment before propping her head up on a hand and staring dully at the front of the room. She was going to try not to fall asleep, but that was basically impossible. Professor Boot had the enthusiasm of a half chopped block of wood.

When Boot stood up and started to talk, Petra had prepared herself to endure the monotone of his voice and the annoyance that followed shortly after because could he make this seem interesting at all? Even the Soap thing had been better than this and that had been a disaster. Sometimes she could still smell the cleaning liquid on her robes. But Boot wasn’t talking about another war or blizzard of household cleaning products. He was talking about them working on their group projects. The Aquila blinked a few times and sat straighter in her seat. Group projects? Had she been so dismally uninterested in the class that she had completely missed something they were supposed to have been working on? No, that couldn’t be it. Surely someone would have asked to be in a group. Maybe Boot was just going crazy – if he wasn’t already there.

Petra’s quill dangled precariously in her fingers, the tip pressed into the parchment as it made a rather large ink blot on the surface. What in the name of Merlin was this man thinking. It was so unorganized and the third year didn’t like it all. She preferred direction and details. No soap was probably the least descriptive requirement that she had ever heard. The girl let out a sharp sigh, placing her quill off to the side and trashing the wasted piece of parchment. She’d rather be listening to him drone on about the Goblin Uprisings of the 1600’s than work on a project without parameters. Would it hurt her grade if she skipped the project? Probably. Considering she found it difficult to listen to Boot drone on, her essays were sometimes less than fully comprehensive. With another aggressive sigh, the girl pulled out her text. If they weren’t going to be given a topic, she would probably pick an easy one.

Once Boot had dismissed them, Petra turned to the person next to her. They beat her to they punch however, offering an array of colored ink and a promise of not being terrible at history. With a shrugged, the third year decided that if she had to work with someone on anything that however this kid was wouldn’t be too bad. “That’s cool,” she responded, shuffling her things to an angle so that she could better hear and talk with her new partner. “I’m pretty good at history too, but I don’t really listen to Professor Boot that much. It seems like he doesn’t really care what we do this on, so I guess we’ll just pick a topic?” The girl frowned. Their professor was not making this very clear. “Since you’re not terrible at history, is there a topic you’d like to do? Maybe something we can both find some interest in?” Petra didn’t care about it really. Boot didn’t either. And really, no one liked group projects anyway.

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