Also a tad worried about you
Tue May 15, 2018 18:25

Satveer’s reassurance that his, well, whatever was going on with him, had nothing to do with their mysterious History of Magic project was not exactly the most reassuring reassurance Marley had witnessed. It couldn’t even make the top ten. She frowned at him skeptically, black brows curving together. Despite the hand propping it up, his head was still weaving back and forth a bit, and his eyes were sort of locked on hers and sort of aimed at her ear instead and just generally unfocused. If he hadn’t actually done something to cause this, such as eating soap, which had been her original thought (although in not-too-delayed retrospect, it occurred to her that eating soap probably wouldn’t have that effect. Unless it was magical soap. She remembered hearing in one of their Spellwork classes that spells could wear off over time if they weren’t cast well enough in the first place. Speaking of Spellwork, Professor McKindy had a hat that was sometimes bubbles and sometimes frogs, and not to say that his spells would ever wear off, but if a kid ate the soap bubbles and then wound up with a literal frog in their throat, gosh, that couldn’t end well) then what had he done?

Or maybe he hadn’t done anything. Maybe it had just happened. Marley supposed that wouldn’t be too strange. Sometimes, she felt as wobbly as Satveer looked. It usually happened when she’d been working extra-hard on her classwork the day before, so hard that after she fell asleep her dream-self still kept turning corners to see ingredients lists for brewing the Malus Mali bad luck potion and then she had to actually brew the potion too, except she only had Ashwinders instead of Lobalugs and suddenly Kit was there for no reason and decided to drink it even though the eggs hadn’t been added yet and she chased the redhead around another corner to see another ingredients list reminding her that she was missing ingredients and--

Anyways, so sometimes Marley worked too hard, and no matter how long she had slept for, that resulted in her feeling kind of sleepy and wobbly on-and-off all through the next day. Possibly Satveer was just extra-tired today, too. “Are you working too hard? Did you sleep alright? Can you see how many fingers I’ve got up?” she quizzed him, focused on helping but not enough to remember that he needed time to speak in between, raising her hand with all her fingers curled down except the pointer finger and pinky. She’d never been to a heavy metal concert, but one of her dad’s friends at the station hosted a timeslot called Triple-M (Monday Morning Metal), and occasionally when she was visiting her dad they went to the station early enough to wave their hands around jokingly in front of the window of the broadcasting room with the other morning staff. So the combination of pinky and pointer felt as easy and normal as, like, the pointer and middle fingers, which was a peace-sign, or the pinky and thumb, which Marley had only ever seen when her mum’s work took her to the West Coast - American, not Canadian - because apparently that gesture was a thing in surfer culture - not that there weren’t surfers in Canada too, but there weren’t any white tourist beaches with rolly waves in B.C., mostly just rocky strips and fishing boats and maybe a few kayaks if you were lucky.

  • erm. yes! - Satveer, Thu May 10 11:45
    Satveer’s was happy with how his appearance had changed since he had started RMI. After the embarrassment of his first few weeks (where apparently he was the only one who wore shirts and trousers to... more
    • Also a tad worried about you - Marley, Tue May 15 18:25
      • Which one of us are you worried about? - Satveer, Wed May 16 11:10
        Satveer couldn’t help but feel somewhat sorry for himself. His rough night and inability to eat topped off with his feeling conscious about his flaky appearance really had really hindered his ability ... more
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