Which one of us are you worried about?
Wed May 16, 2018 11:10

Satveer couldn’t help but feel somewhat sorry for himself. His rough night and inability to eat topped off with his feeling conscious about his flaky appearance really had really hindered his ability to identify what was really going on with his body. It was only when Marley asked if he’d been working too hard did he realise he was over exerting himself. His school work was very much on par, but he’d recently started spending focusing ‘creative progression’, as he called it.

For christmas, Satveer had received A Guided Exploration Through The Drawn, Creative Self. The concept of receiving gifts at all was foreign, but Satveer didn’t mind, afterall, who says no to gifts? Very quickly, Satveer found himself growing more and more encapsulated by the magical book. He didn’t seem able to put it down. Whenever he wasn’t doing his school work (and sometimes, even when he should have been), he’d been spending almost all of his free time either reading the book or with his head down and his pencil to paper. It didn’t help when a couple of days ago Satveer heard, via the social grapevine that is Kit, of the Fiery Cetus Duel. From the sounds of it, it wouldn’t be out of place in the pages of a graphic novel. With that, Satveer spent most of the next couple of nights creating his overly exaggerated, artist’s representation of the duel. The result, something Satveer felt very proud of, saw Dade standing near a strong wooden door. He is leaning forward, his one foot in front of the other. His stance is both strong and dominant. Both his arms are gripping his wand tightly, as fire builds up through his chest and is focussed through his wand on to a shielded, cowering Claudia. Claudia, on the floor near a stone pillar, has her wand arm extended and is projecting a Protego around herself as her other hand covers her head. Satveer was extremely proud of how he’d gotten Dade’s character to draw aspects of Johnny Storm. He’d always loved drawing fire and had spend many hours focusing on getting it just right. As much as he’d loved drawing it, it wasn’t ready to show Kit yet, and it was clearly having a negative effect on his health.

Satveer didn’t really want to come clean with Marley. He didn’t really know how to explain that he’d been spending all his spare time drawing pictures, and he didn’t know what Marley’s friendship was like with the Cetus students should she have pried. Satveer broke his gaze from Marley in an attempt to snap out of it, and In a low, shallow voice, Satveer said “I have been working harder recently, it’s possibly that”. He looked at Marley’s fingers and smiled, “Rock on.”

  • Also a tad worried about you - Marley, Tue May 15 18:25
    Satveer’s reassurance that his, well, whatever was going on with him, had nothing to do with their mysterious History of Magic project was not exactly the most reassuring reassurance Marley had... more
    • Which one of us are you worried about? - Satveer, Wed May 16 11:10
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