Rose Farnon
The time has come [Holland]
Fri May 18, 2018 12:30

It was after classes but before dinner, a time Rose would have usually spent sequestered in the library with her nose in a book or on the Pitch working on her dives. However it was not a normal day so instead she was still sitting in the lecture hall with a small stack of letters in front of her, waiting for the other students to leave Ancient Runes so she and Holland could be alone.

The letters had come intermittently throughout the day, with Rose popping up to the owlry at every spare moment to check if another one had come in. The owls were clearly annoyed by the time she came to get her final letter, from Sirwean’s. She had opened none of them, instead tucking the envelopes into the messenger bag covered with brown and pink paisley owls that Rose had purchased with her first paycheck at 14. The letters would have been delivered to her if she’d waited, but waiting was not something that Rose was good at when it came to this. She had waited for so long, if the people in their class did not leave the room any quicker, Rose was pretty sure she might explode. Finally, Harriett stopped scribbling whatever she had been doing, shoved her books into her bag, and left. Rose took a deep breath and turned to face Holland.

“Ready?” she asked, unable to tell if the fluttering in her stomach was anxiety or excitement. It was finally time to find out what schools, if any, she had gotten into. She knew about Tift already, obviously, but this stack - Tift was a school she had applied to for other reasons; these schools were the best in the country. If Rose had gotten in, she would have amazing opportunities. She decided not to think about what it would mean if she hadn’t. Rose put one hand on the creamy envelope on the top of her pile. She hadn’t ordered them, but could see the logo for New York University on the top envelope. The order wasn’t important, she assured herself, looking at the stack. The decision had already been made. She couldn’t do anything about it now.

    • For closing books? - Holland Keene, Fri May 18 14:18
      As advertised, Marissa’s party last night had been an excellent distraction from thinking about the two letters they were waiting for (Brown and Dartmouth, due the next day) or the four that they had ... more
      • We do still have exams - Rose, Fri May 18 14:26
        Rose had applied to 9 schools overall; Holland had applied to seven. They had both gotten into their safety schools in February. Rose had never doubted that Holland would get into whatever school... more
        • Then I guess we should keep reading - Holland, Fri May 18 14:48
          Holland opened the first two letters while Rose opened hers. Right, well. That wasn’t too much of a surprise. Rejected by Brown, waitlisted by Dartmouth. Not the end of the world. Holland was less... more
          • Just keep reading, just keep reading - Rose, Fri May 18 15:00
            When Holland asked Rose if she was going to choose Harvard, the seventh-year knew that the answer she should want to give was yes. She wanted to want to say yes, but it didn’t fall out of her mouth... more
            • What do we do? We read - Holland, Fri May 18 15:30
              Holland had thought Rose would answer with an enthusiastic “yes!,” so her tame response surprised them. Rose had always wanted to go to Harvard. Holland hadn’t sorted out any of their college choices ... more
              • What else can we do? - Rose, Fri May 18 15:53
                Rose squeaked again. It was a sound that she had always made when she was particularly excited about something, but Rose didn’t do overwhelming enthusiasm with great frequency. She was the sort of... more
                • Well, we could write - Holland, Fri May 18 16:30
                  Rose suddenly hugged them, which startled Holland for the first second—Rose was the second-least physically affectionate member of the group, behind them—but then they relaxed. “We did it!” They had... more
                  • Nah that seems silly - Rose, Fri May 18 20:25
                    Of course Holland wanted to go to the school that would let them take more classes. Rose was entirely unsurprised. Although she did a lot of things, her course schedule was relatively light,... more
                    • No silliness allowed - Holland, Fri May 18 21:37
                      “That’s awesome,” Holland affirmed. They didn’t think they’d get anywhere near as good offers from CalTech or MIT, but they were bigger schools than Tifts, and Rose had incredible grades. Holland’s... more
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