My thoughts have wand-ered
Sun Mar 12, 2017 13:35

“Hey, not bad,” Danny grinned at Holland’s transfiguration. If his enthusiasm sounded muted, it wasn't because of Holland’s performance. Yes, the prop of a wand was only the first step in a multi-staged approach to wandless magic, but it was working, so that was great progress.

The Lyra would admit to being preoccupied with his own thoughts, which had little to do with wandless magic. “Hey, Holland,” Danny started, and his tone probably conveyed a change of topic, one that might present a challenge for someone like Danny, who didn't like to think about… well anything, really. “Can I ask you something?”

He realised it was pointless to ask if he could ask, but his head was busy trying to figure out his thoughts while his mouth did its own thing. So when Holland indicated that Danny could keep talking, at least he had something coherent to say. “I think I want to kiss Marissa,” he started with the main point, really, so Holland was at least aware of the direction of his ramblings, should coherent speech abandon him. “I don't think I want to have a relationship with her,” he clarified. “I didn't think I was that sort of person,” Dardanius admitted, “but people keep encouraging me to be more flexible,” he borrowed Holland's words from a minute ago.

“But I’m worried about Emmett’s feelings and Marissa’s r- how people think about Marissa,” he amended. He didn't want to allude to a reputation the Aquila didn't deserve, but seemed to have, anyway. “And I'm pretty sure Marissa would be okay with that,” he mused aloud, not least because she had been the one to suggest to him that kissing didn't necessarily mean a relationship, “but then I don't want to make things weird between us, either.” Also he didn't want to make things weird with Rose, but that just didn't sound like a sensible thing to say.

If someone had told him he would abandon his wandless magic attempts to ask Holland’s opinion about kissing, the Lyra might not have walked into the lecture hall, after all. “I have also been told I over-think things,” Danny laughed a little self-deprecatingly. “So… what do you think?” His quill lay abandoned and forgotten on the desk.

  • But now your grip is steady - Holland, Sat Mar 11 15:53
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    • My thoughts have wand-ered - Danny, Sun Mar 12 13:35
      • *another wand pun* - Holland, Sun Mar 12 14:55
        Mostly ignoring Danny, Holland picked up the mint tin and examined it. The side opposite the new handle had also folded into a slight lip, which meant it was even closer to a creamer than Holland had ... more
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