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Fri May 18, 2018 15:30

Holland had thought Rose would answer with an enthusiastic “yes!,” so her tame response surprised them. Rose had always wanted to go to Harvard. Holland hadn’t sorted out any of their college choices until after this past summer, but Rose had been talking about Harvard for years. They would have assumed she had her confirmation letter already drafted and ready for owl post.

“Right,” Holland said mildly, and picked up the envelope from University of Michigan, because it scared them less than the other two they had left. They’d gotten into Michigan, which was—as of this moment—now their top choice, out of the three schools that had accepted them. Michigan’s spell development program was on par with Dartmouth’s.

Holland ran a hand through their short hair, which today was a sunset-colored blend of oranges, pinks, and purples. No more stalling. Holland’s heart was beating so hard that they could feel their pulse in their threat. They couldn’t remember wanting anything more than they wanted to study cursebreaking. They’d been planning for these two schools the most. Marissa had discussed her, Rose, and Holland living together after RMI. If Rose went to Harvard and Marissa went to Adams and Holland went to MIT, they’d all be in the Cambridge area of Massachusetts. Holland wasn’t sure being roommates was still an option now that the girls were fighting and Rose was less sure about Harvard, but maybe. And California would be—far, and different from places they’d lived before, but fun, and CalTech had a lot of student research opportunities. Also it was one of the only states where you could be legally recognized as nonbinary. Not part of the college experience, but definitely an attractive reason to move to the West Coast.

It doesn’t matter which. I just need to get into one. They tore open one envelope and read, and then the second.

Not just one. Both.

“I’m into CalTech and MIT,” they reported, beaming, still holding the letter from CalTech. Holland didn’t think they would stop smiling for the next week. Both of their top choices wanted them. “Merlin. I’m going to be a cursebreaker!”

  • Just keep reading, just keep reading - Rose, Fri May 18 15:00
    When Holland asked Rose if she was going to choose Harvard, the seventh-year knew that the answer she should want to give was yes. She wanted to want to say yes, but it didn’t fall out of her mouth... more
    • What do we do? We read - Holland, Fri May 18 15:30
      • What else can we do? - Rose, Fri May 18 15:53
        Rose squeaked again. It was a sound that she had always made when she was particularly excited about something, but Rose didn’t do overwhelming enthusiasm with great frequency. She was the sort of... more
        • Well, we could write - Holland, Fri May 18 16:30
          Rose suddenly hugged them, which startled Holland for the first second—Rose was the second-least physically affectionate member of the group, behind them—but then they relaxed. “We did it!” They had... more
          • Nah that seems silly - Rose, Fri May 18 20:25
            Of course Holland wanted to go to the school that would let them take more classes. Rose was entirely unsurprised. Although she did a lot of things, her course schedule was relatively light,... more
            • No silliness allowed - Holland, Fri May 18 21:37
              “That’s awesome,” Holland affirmed. They didn’t think they’d get anywhere near as good offers from CalTech or MIT, but they were bigger schools than Tifts, and Rose had incredible grades. Holland’s... more
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