Nah that seems silly
Fri May 18, 2018 20:25

Of course Holland wanted to go to the school that would let them take more classes. Rose was entirely unsurprised. Although she did a lot of things, her course schedule was relatively light, particularly after finishing Animagus. She had added Ancient Runes for fun and future knowledge, but Holland was still taking several more classes than she was. Of course, Rose was also a serious athlete, kept near-immaculate marks, had a job, and participated in Dueling Club so it wasn’t like she was slacking off, but Holland was definitely much more academically inclined than she was. Rose liked being good at things. Holland just seemed to like doing them. But it made sense that Holland would be interested in MIT. It was also on the East Coast, and Rose couldn’t really imagine Danny going out to California, even over Holland.

And money, of course. Rose made a face. She had a fair amount of money in an account on Pearl Street because she had saved most of what she had made over the past several years working at Kimball’s, but that didn’t stack up to Harvard tuition. Harvard was expensive. There were ways to pay for it, obviously, and Rose was fairly certain that even at Harvard she would be able to qualify for some scholarships or grant money, but it was definitely a consideration. She didn’t want her father’s help, not that she was sure he would offer it.

“I got almost a full ride to Tift,” the seventh-year told Holland in a tone that was might have been called shy if it weren’t coming from Rose Farnon. “And the professor I’ve been owling with said that there’s potential for other grant money, especially if I get involved in research early.” There were plenty of research opportunities at Tift, research opportunities Rose was very interested in. Not that Harvard was lacking in opportunities, but there was substantially more competition at a school like Harvard. Even though she had gotten in, Rose had still been deferred at first, which meant that there were people who were better at things than her who had gotten in. And Rose had always known that applying to Harvard meant applying among the brightest young witches and wizards, but to be starting off knowing that there were people better than her out there was disconcerting. Rose wasn’t used to there being people better than her.

While she thought about the rest of what Holland had said, Rose was quiet for a minute. It sounded like Holland really wanted to live with friends, which made sense given their situation. Rose didn’t mind living with them, but she could see how someone who didn’t know them might. It would be nice to live with friends. But -

“Marissa doesn’t want to live with me anymore,” Rose pointed out. “We’re barely in our room together at the same time now to begin with, and if I go to Harvard I’m pretty sure I’m going to be just as interested in talking about college as I am now. So there’s just no point in talking to me,” Rose said a little bitterly, echoing what Marissa had said during their fight.

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    Rose suddenly hugged them, which startled Holland for the first second—Rose was the second-least physically affectionate member of the group, behind them—but then they relaxed. “We did it!” They had... more
    • Nah that seems silly - Rose, Fri May 18 20:25
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        “That’s awesome,” Holland affirmed. They didn’t think they’d get anywhere near as good offers from CalTech or MIT, but they were bigger schools than Tifts, and Rose had incredible grades. Holland’s... more
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