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Fri May 18, 2018 21:37

“That’s awesome,” Holland affirmed. They didn’t think they’d get anywhere near as good offers from CalTech or MIT, but they were bigger schools than Tifts, and Rose had incredible grades. Holland’s were good—almost all Os, with occasional Es—but Rose’s transcript was perfect. It was no surprise that she would get amazing scholarship offers.

Holland knew their parents had saved up some money for them for college, although they didn’t know the exact figure. Monty and Bryony Keene had told Holland not to worry about money when they were choosing where to apply. They’d still worried. There was a chance that some combination of TA positions, on-campus jobs, scholarships, and parental support might be able to cover costs if they worked really hard. Holland didn’t want to take loans, because being financially beholden to a federal agency sounded terrible. If that was the price they had to pay to become a cursebreaker, Holland would contribute to the country’s spiraling student debt crisis and higher education scam, but they’d rather not.

Holland had suspected that Rose would bring up the fight. They didn’t understand why the Aquilas both seemed to think that their friendship was over because of this fight. Rose and Marissa been best friends from day one; it was hard to believe that one argument could break that. They understood that the girls had never fought like this before, but as someone who was prone to vicious arguments, Holland didn’t see why they couldn’t make up and be friends.

They wouldn’t touch the transfer issue with a ten-foot pole—Holland was closest with all the transfers out of anyone in the group—but they could address the college stuff. “I know this is you guys’ biggest fight,” Holland said carefully, “and things have been weird. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make up. You saw her boggart, right?” they asked, rhetorically. Rose had been in class that day. “It’s not that we’re going to be in college, it’s that she doesn’t want to be left behind when we meet people who have more interests in common with us at college. That’s why she never wanted to talk about that.” Holland had tried to tone down the college talk when they were around Marissa last semester, after noticing how quickly she always tried to change the subject. That was part of why they’d gotten closer to Rose in the fall; she was the only one who really got it.

“If we’re all living together, then talking about our classes and stuff wouldn’t make her think about us not seeing each other anymore, so it wouldn’t be an issue next year, if that’s what we did.” In theory. Holland supposed that then Marissa could worry about other things—Rose and Holland getting jobs, or bonding with their classmates—but they predicted Marissa would become more secure post-RMI. “And, I mean, yeah, you guys had a really big fight,” Holland said, not wanting to downplay, because Rose had been so upset by it. They only had Marissa’s word to go on, which might not be totally accurate but sounded consistent with and less biased than the version Emmett had relayed from Rose. “But Marissa told me she’s been avoiding you because she doesn’t want to make it worse. She still cares about you. A lot.”

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    Of course Holland wanted to go to the school that would let them take more classes. Rose was entirely unsurprised. Although she did a lot of things, her course schedule was relatively light,... more
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