That's okay, I'll help you be sure
Sat May 19, 2018 22:01

“If only,” Remington sighed, “But I get the feeling that Boot is more into pastries than candy. We’ll have to bring him fancy donuts or something next class. I bet he’d lose his mind.” While the Draco was firmly against brown-nosing, she couldn’t help but be curious about whether or not it would even be possible to bribe Boot. Would he know what was happening? Would he even recognize that it was two students bringing him sweet baked goods, or would he just assume that past Boot, at some point, had ordered the items? Sometimes she wondered if she was meant to be an Aquila. Sometimes pranking and scientific research went hand in hand.

Now that Gio had confirmed her suspicions, Remington focused back on Alena, oblivious to her terror. If asked, the Draco wouldn’t have realized her behavior would freak someone out. Honestly, the only pureblood she was used to spending time with was Dade, and he was nowhere close to traditional. Honestly, she didn’t see her behavior as out of the ordinary whatsoever. She spent a regular amount of time with Kit Kendrick. Literally anything Remington could ever do was tame compared to her… what was Kit? Friend, right?

The dark skinned girl pondered the term. Nuisance was too mean. Truth be told, between hanging out with Drew and their fun club, she’d actually started to enjoy spending time with Kit. She was completely spontaneous and couldn’t keep focus on much for longer than twelve seconds, but Remington almost admired that. She wished she felt as carefree sometimes. Sure, it would screw her over in the future - what would college admissions think of someone like Kit - but it was probably super relaxing. Plus, she tried. She certainly didn’t understand what being racist meant, because no one could be racist against a spider, but she was genuine and caring and she tried. She was incredibly loyal to her friends. Well, the term must be friend, then. Kit was her friend.

Anyway, the point was, if she’d realized Alena was so freaked out by her interaction with Gio (which was pretty normal at this point), Remington would have suggested some time around Kit. Then Alena would calm down.

Alena didn’t say what she was thinking, though, so Remington didn’t get as good of a chance to consider it as she may have liked. Instead, the other student ruled out soap as the suggestion. Remington smiled ever so slightly. “Okay, we can work together to come up with a topic. Trust me, you don’t want me running this thing. You won’t learn anything that way.” Plus, she knew when people were taking advantage of her. Remington wasn’t one who could easily be used. “Okay. I’m thinking… what if we did something on the feminist movement? And we compared and contrasted that in the Muggle world versus the magical world? I’m sure we could narrow it down to something specific.”

  • I'm a little doubtful - Alena, Thu May 17 19:08
    “I don’t suppose a Fizzing whizbee would sweeten him up?” Alena joked tensely, seeing as that was about all she had to offer. She chewed her lip worried about what the sporadic lesson plans of the... more
    • That's okay, I'll help you be sure - Remington, Sat May 19 22:01
      • Phew. Thanks. - Alena, Mon May 21 12:47
        “I don’t know a lot about the feminist movement,” Alena admitted. Alena wasn’t well versed on feminism. It had come up in class a little but Alena’s mind often drifted as new worries popped into her... more
        • You're welcome! - Remington, Tue May 22 07:59
          Despite Alena not offering much help, Remington still managed a smile and a shrug. So she didn’t know much about the feminist movement or about Muggles. Well, good, they were here to learn. It would... more
          • Alena let out a little sigh of relief when Remington confirmed that this would be the topic of their project and then began to rattle off a list of things to start things in ernest. Alena sat by her... more
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