*another wand pun*
Sun Mar 12, 2017 14:55

Mostly ignoring Danny, Holland picked up the mint tin and examined it. The side opposite the new handle had also folded into a slight lip, which meant it was even closer to a creamer than Holland had initially thought. They were finally getting somewhere with wandless magic. So becoming an Animagus might be within their abilities, which was equal parts thrilling and frightening. Something about transforming into an invertebrate was freakier than if their form was an animal with bones.

Danny pulled them back from thinking about spines and neurons and the ocean with an unusually serious “Hey, Holland.” So of course Holland agreed that he could ask them something (as if anyone ever said no to that question), and then—

Oh, for the heavens’ sake.

Right before winter break, Marissa had asked Holland if Danny had said anything about her. They’d talked for a bit before they got to the point, which was that Marissa was interested in kissing Danny. Holland wasn’t completely sure whether it was just kissing or something more—Marissa hadn’t seemed completely sure either—but the Aquila had asked about Danny again after the break, so Holland had their guesses.

They weren’t sure if Marissa wanted them to mention their conversations to Danny, though. “I think you’re right about the overthinking,” they said carefully. “If Marissa’s interested,” she is! “and you guys are both on the same page, then things aren’t gonna be weird.” Holland’s romantic history was brief, but since they’d gone out with Armaan last year they technically had more dating experience than Danny. And things between Holland and Armaan hadn’t gotten weird once they’d stopped seeing each other, so maybe they were qualified to help with this.

“Emmett’s gonna be fine. They’ve been broken up for, what, six months?” That was longer than Emmett and Marissa had dated. Even if he was still hung up on the redhead, Emmett’s socially acceptable relationship mourning period was over. “Marissa can take care of herself, I don’t think you need to worry about her reputation. And you’re a fifteen-year-old boy,” they reminded him with a teasing grin, “so wanting to kiss fifteen-year-old girls doesn’t say anything about what sort of person you are.”

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    “Hey, not bad,” Danny grinned at Holland’s transfiguration. If his enthusiasm sounded muted, it wasn't because of Holland’s performance. Yes, the prop of a wand was only the first step in a... more
    • *another wand pun* - Holland, Sun Mar 12 14:55
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