Andrew Tennant
She said all are welcome
Sun May 20, 2018 20:25

As always when Marissa was having a party, Drew encouraged his friends to come—especially because he’d helped with setup. Obviously Kit was going to be there, and he was pretty sure Remy would come too. Dade was still kind of jittery since the thing with Claudia so Drew was pretty sure he wouldn’t make an appearance, even though he’d pointed out that Claudia and Connor probably wouldn’t be there. They weren’t really the partying type. Or the getting-along-with-other-people type. But then again Dade wasn’t the partying type either, so he might not want to go even if there was a guarantee that Connor and Claudia wouldn’t be there.

Maybe next year Drew could get all of his friends to come to a party. Marissa had asked him if he wanted to be her party-throwing heir. It was kind of an honor. He hadn’t known she was gonna, like formally choose someone, but he would’ve expected Kit because she was Marissa’s sister. Although he had also met Kit, so like, he could see why she might not be the best choice for something that involved organizing and coordinating stuff. Kit was crazy creative and had tons of ideas, just not much focus. She was like a great playlist that shuffled after playing five seconds of each song.

Actually, she and Drew would be a perfect party-throwing team. Kit would come up with awesome ideas and Drew could figure out how to make them happen, and keep Kit on track long enough that it worked out. The lanterns she had come up with were genius. Drew would bet that she had a lot more ideas like it.

A few minutes after people started showing up, Drew went over to one of the lanterns, grinning as he heard the bubble wrap popping under the carpet. He’d helped set this up, and he’d suggested that Marissa should charm the bubble wrap to repair itself every few minutes so the trick wouldn’t run out in the first hour of the party. Drew got to the lantern just in time to get showered by another popcorn explosion. He didn’t manage to catch any, but some of it landed on his hoodie and—“You have popcorn in your hair.” Drew glanced at the other student: Jesse, one of the first-years.

“Oh, thanks.” Drew had already had some of the flavor-changing potion (if you were gonna go to an April Fool’s party, why wouldn’t you participate fully?), so when Drew picked the popcorn out of his hair and ate it, it tasted like… hmm. “Tastes like orange soda,” he told Jesse. It wasn’t bad, just kinda weird with the texture of popcorn. What a strange potion.

  • Am I supposed to be here? - Jesse Keller, Sun May 20 14:47
    There was a party, and apparently there had been invitations, but also Jesse had heard about it, and he didn’t know if he was technically invited, and if that was technically a requirement for... more
    • She said all are welcome - Andrew Tennant, Sun May 20 20:25
      • Sounds like a cult invite - Jesse, Wed May 23 14:46
        Unusually, Jesse knew the name of this student. His name was Andrew Tennant, but staff and students alike called him Drew. He had the same last name as one of the professors, but not a teaching... more
        • Just drink the Kool-Aid - Drew, Tue May 29 10:03
          “I think the popcorn is just regular flavor. I had some of the flavor-changing potion.” Drew jerked his head toward the table, where the bowl of multicolored potion was shimmering. He plucked another ... more
          • The what-now? - Jesse, Tue May 29 14:46
            The words that Drew spoke in reply didn’t make much sense at first. Flavor-changing potion was a new concept to Jesse. He hadn’t learned about that in class yet and he did not read ahead in all of... more
            • Uhhh... the punch! - Drew, Tue Jun 5 12:41
              Drew was pleased to see that Jesse thought the popcorn shrimp joke was as funny as he’d thought it was. Actually he was pretty sure Jesse thought it was even funnier, because he laughed for a while,... more
              • All Punch, no Judy - Jesse, Fri Jun 8 14:33
                “Just sometimes things explode because Kit,” Drew said, and while the sentence was missing at least one word to properly make sense, Jesse understood anyway, and nodded to convey this to Drew. Kit... more
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