Nolan Ramsey
I pity the fool
Mon May 21, 2018 22:58

The way Heather had talked the events up, Nolan would have expected Marissa Kendrick to throw more parties. There’d been the one last year when she’d turned the rec center into a beach, and that had been pretty fun, but since then, nothing. Nolan didn’t know Marissa very well (she was in his House and they had three classes together, so sometimes they worked together, but that was about it) and he’d only been at RMI for a little over a year so he didn’t know how many parties was normal for her. One a year seemed kind of low, though.

He was skeptical about the idea of the party being in a classroom, but Nolan figured that if anyone knew how to throw an April Fool’s party, it’d be an Aquila. He was already planning to avoid the common room at all costs tomorrow; it was bound to be a hinkypunk’s bog of overlapping pranks. If Nolan could leave Aquila without Kaye stealing his prosthetic leg off his stump and calling it a prank, he’d spend the rest of the day somewhere safer like Pearl Street.

When he got to Marissa’s party, the first thing he noticed was popcorn falling from the ceiling, so Nolan decided that made it a pretty good party already. The parties his family went to mostly involved eating nice food and dancing. Nolan had no objections to the former and could usually get out of doing the latter, but those things had always struck him as kind of… mundane. Like, Muggle parties were probably like that. What was the point of having magic if you didn’t use it to do fun stuff? The Ramseys never had decorations that tossed food around or tried to mess with you.

He quickly saw the downside of stealing streamers as one made Magdalena Adler shriek and jump backwards into him. “Whoa!” Nolan exclaimed. He reflexively reached to stabilize Alena, putting one hand on her upper arm and the other on her opposite shoulder. She didn’t fall down, but her plate wasn’t so lucky. Most of the contents wound up on the floor. Immediately Nolan pulled his hands back, his neck and ears going a little red. “You all right there, Alena?” he asked, sympathetic. “Looks like that streamer really got you.” Nolan still thought it was a cool decoration idea, but he didn’t think Alena would appreciate him pointing that out, so he didn’t say so.

  • This is turning into a fool's errand - Magdalena Adler, Mon May 21 10:17
    When Alena had heard the theme of the party she had seriously considered not going at all. An April Fools’ party seemed dangerous. What if she turned up and the joke was there was no party at all and ... more
    • I pity the fool - Nolan Ramsey, Mon May 21 22:58
      • I'm not sure I deserve your pity - Alena, Thu May 24 09:27
        Alena relaxed into the safe hands of the poor person she’d stumbled into. Her heartbeat continued to flutter in her chest but the panic which had consumed her moments before began to warp into... more
        • Then how about some sympathy? - Nolan, Thu May 31 19:28
          With Alena not in danger of falling down anymore, Nolan became very preoccupied with looking at his tennis shoes. Last time he’d talked to Alena at a party (the last Marissa Kendrick party Nolan had... more
          • I'll take that - Alena, Tue Jun 5 11:30
            Alena was glad Nolan had decided not to make a fuss over her clumsiness. Her hands still shook a little (whether it was from the embarrassment or the fright Alena couldn’t be certain) but the waves... more
            • It’s all yours - Nolan, Tue Jun 12 00:52
              Alena agreed to join him on a trip to get more food, so he led the way, grinning at her question. “Naw, if I was gonna prank anything, it wouldn’t be the food,” Nolan assured her. “No sense in... more
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