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Tue May 22, 2018 07:59

Despite Alena not offering much help, Remington still managed a smile and a shrug. So she didn’t know much about the feminist movement or about Muggles. Well, good, they were here to learn. It would be a waste to do a project on something they already knew everything about. She liked to imagine she was well informed with both topics, but the overlap between magical and Muggle struggles always fascinated the young witch. She would never understand how the magical world stood idly by during so many disasters and injustices. Preservation of their kind only went so far as an excuse.

And, spoiler alert, it wasn’t very far at all.

“Lucky for you,” Remington replied with a proud smile, “I know a bit about both. So we can totally make this work.” She wasn’t too sure what specific topic they’d pick, but the theme was broad enough that they could explore and then land on something that worked well with the criteria. She moved her notebook back into view, where she reviewed Boot’s requirements.

“Okay, so we need a few things. Let’s go with the more tangible stuff first.” She pulled a highlighter out of her bag, a pastel lilac, and highlighted three of the requirements. “Two diagrams, props, no soap. Well, we can check no soap off of the list. Totally easy. We know there physically needs to be two diagrams. And any number of props, since he didn’t set a minimum or a limit.” She then pulled out another highlighter, light green, and highlighted the other words. “Big, creative, informative. Those are way more vague, but…”

She tapped the notebook thoughtfully, and then her face lit up. “We could do a skit!” The idea fit all of the requirements, plus she got a feeling that Boot might enjoy a dramatization of events. “The theater has plenty of props, and we could come in costume.” Normally, the idea of looking through costumes would make her nervous. Everyone who did theater was skinny and pretty and all of that, but Kit had told her that the costumes at RMI would magically alter themselves to fit whoever put them on. “Our diagrams could set the scene, it naturally calls for props… it could work, as long as we find the right event to dramatize.”

The dark skinned girl paused, realizing she was completely steering this train of thought. “Unless you totally hate the idea. Then we can try something else.”

  • Phew. Thanks. - Alena, Mon May 21 12:47
    “I don’t know a lot about the feminist movement,” Alena admitted. Alena wasn’t well versed on feminism. It had come up in class a little but Alena’s mind often drifted as new worries popped into her... more
    • You're welcome! - Remington, Tue May 22 07:59
      • Alena let out a little sigh of relief when Remington confirmed that this would be the topic of their project and then began to rattle off a list of things to start things in ernest. Alena sat by her... more
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