Then who plays April?
Tue May 22, 2018 13:29

It felt like she was holding her breath. Was she? Breathe, Marissa. You can do that. Air filled her lungs as she anxiously squeezed her hands together and watched the door. People started to trickle in. A streamer got one of the younger years, Drew was chatting with a transfer, and Nolan was there, too, helping the startled girl. If they all showed up, then surely Rose would. This was fine. It was fine.

Finding a loose thread on her outfit, the red-head focused on that, momentarily turning her gaze away from the door and everyone around her. Marissa had on a white, off the shoulder dress with polka dots of all colors. Her strappy tan sandals were flat, no heels, and she’d left her wild hair down. After chopping it all off over the summer, she found it easier to keep down. She didn’t feel the need to ask Holland to help her with different hairstyles; she just let it be. Carefully breaking the thread off of her dress without making it worse, Marissa looked back up. She quickly realized her view to the doorway was blocked, but at least it was blocked by someone good.

“What do you think?” Danny asked with his typical grin. She couldn’t help it. Marissa laughed, both surprised and extremely entertained, and covered her mouth with her hands. She’d been genuinely surprised when Aquila won against Lyra. All things considered, Lyra’s team was probably less of a mess than hers. Sure, they had some questionable players, but it was way more likely that they talked to each other. She’d always considered Rose her co-captain, not an assistant, so it was a struggle to figure out how to captain a team when her other half wanted nothing to do with her. They’d won, though. If anything else, Rose never lost focus when it came to winning. She didn’t fail. Of course she’d caught the snitch.

After the game, Marissa landed and automatically ran over to Rose to give her a hug and a high five. Halfway to her, though, she’d realized that Rose probably didn’t want that. She’d frozen, turned on her heel, and went to talk to her nearest teammate. She wanted to be brave, but she didn’t want to give Rose the chance to officially say they were done and that she never wanted to be friends again. It was terrifying to think about. Marissa wasn’t ready for her boggart to be right.

“It looks great,” Marissa answered once her laughter had died down, “Natural, really. You were born to wear an Aquila uniform.” She looked him up and down, and then a thought occurred to her. Thank Merlin. She smiled hopefully and asked, “So, Rose must be coming, then? I’m sure you guys bet on the game – you always do – and she won. The loser is supposed to wear the other team’s uniform?”

  • Playing the Fool - Dardanius Dubois, Mon May 21 15:21
    Marissa had been having a rough year. It had taken Danny a while to notice, but as soon as he realized she was struggling, he had spent more time with her. The start of term had been weird for them,... more
    • Then who plays April? - Marissa, Tue May 22 13:29
      • You're often the leading lady - Dardanius, Wed May 23 15:41
        Marissa’s laugh caused Danny’s grin to broaden: that was exactly the reaction he’d been hoping for. Too bad Rose wasn’t there, too, but she would probably arrive soon. “It looks great,” Marissa said; ... more
        • I hope I don't miss my cue - Marissa, Fri Jun 1 10:19
          Danny assumed that Rose was coming, but that didn’t mean her attendance was certain. Marissa tried to ignore the lump in her throat. True, Rose never missed one of her parties, but they’d never... more
          • You’re a star in my eyes - Danny, Sat Jun 2 08:56
            There was glitter on Danny’s hand where he had tried - semi-successfully - to brush it from his shoulder. Then there was glitter on Marissa’s hand after she made a similar attempt. He grinned at the... more
            • Flatter me some more please! - Marissa, Fri Jun 8 11:17
              Marissa appreciated Danny so much. His optimism and desire to support his friends rivaled her own. At this moment, it beat hers. Well, Marissa still won the “support the friends” category, since this ... more
              • You are sweet and vivacious - Danny, Sat Jun 9 13:03
                “Your life would be way boring without me,” Marissa quipped. Danny laughed at her incredulously. “I’ll take a little bit of that boring, please,” he quipped back. If he could make it through the end... more
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