Remington Burnham
Consistency is key
Tue May 22, 2018 21:08

Parties still weren’t her thing, but Remington did enjoy the ones thrown by Drew’s cousin. They were always fun, had a nice variety of activities, and only required a certain amount of participation. If she wanted to be the center of attention, she probably could. She also felt free to sit in the background and read a book without judgment. When Marissa Kendrick said that all were welcome at her parties, she really meant all.

The Draco did have it on good authority that, every so often, there were parties just for older students. She wondered when that distinction started – fourth or fifth year – and if those would continue after Marissa graduated. She doubted that she was the target audience for a secret party. They must have been secret for a reason, and she couldn’t imagine that they were strictly legal ones. Remington was also aware that she was part of a secret club that focused on questionable magic, but that didn’t stop her from taking pause. She genuinely hoped to be prefect or even head girl before she graduated. After a certain number of risks, one was bound to get caught. She had to be calculated and careful with her amount of secretive things!

Remington made her way to the party after checking her reflection in the mirror. Her oversized peach sweater was layered over a black collared shirt. It gave it a nice look, she thought. She had on a pair of jeans which were stylishly ripped. She thought they were kind of silly, because she could have bought a cheap pair of jeans and distressed them herself, but her mom really like taking her clothes shopping for Christmas. She couldn’t complain, and she usually went along with it.

Knowing it was an April Fool’s party, she felt like she should be in theme. Remington charmed one of her more normal looking bows to sit in the proper place that a bowtie would on her collared shirt. Satisfied with the dusty blue prank added to her outfit, she slid on her black flats and nodded. Her curls would go wild, but the dark skinned girl felt it was worth it.

She doubted that Dade would come to the party. He’d been so paranoid and scared lately, and Remington couldn’t figure out any way to help. She’d be there for him, but it was hard to be there for someone if they wouldn’t allow it. He spent most of his time with Cetus, a place she couldn’t get to, and a portion of the rest of his time seemed to be spent skipping class. She handed Dade or Drew copies of her notes whenever she could, but Dade needed to get it together (which she meant in a completely friendly way). She probably wouldn’t have all the classes Dade did next year, and Drew could not be relied on for well-written notes. She didn’t know what her friend was going to do if this lasted much longer.

Remington avoided being caught by one of the streamers when she walked in. She waved at Drew before deciding to wander the transformed classroom. She could always catch up with her friend later. Plus, he was talking to someone already. To the left of her, a balloon exploded and sprayed her and a couple other students with glitter. The Draco laughed in surprise and glee, and the sparkly remains of the balloon grabbed her attention. Beyond that was Claudia, and… well, she wasn’t looking so good either.

Opinions her friend group had of Claudia aside, she couldn’t just stand there and do nothing. If she needed help or something in the future, she hoped that anyone who noticed would feel as though they could talk to her. And, boy, did Claudia look particularly distressed. Remington took a breath, hoping the air filling her lungs would also fill her with courage, and walked over to the other girl. She supported Dade and when he said he felt threatened, she believed him. But Claudia looked as terrible and jumpy as Dade. Whatever happened between them clearly sucked for both of the Ceti.

As soon as Claudia flinched, Remington held her empty hands up in surrender. Some glitter fell from her curls at the sudden movement. “Hey, most people say hi,” she said with a small smile, hands remaining visible to Claudia. Her eyes caught dots of red on the other girl’s pretty gloves. She frowned. “Did you hurt your hand? I know a couple of spells,” here, Remington did not mention that she knew the spells from healing minor cuts and scrapes after their secret club, “Or we could, uh, find a napkin or something, put some pressure on it.”

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