Sorsha Nolan [Lyra]
Practical Application
Tue Mar 14, 2017 14:06

Sorsha Nolan was not a person with a focused mind. She was flighty by all means and definitely distracted in even her most interesting classes. That attribute, however, ended when it came to one-on-one Spellwork lessons with Professor McKindy. Somehow, the man managed to make it more than interesting. The Lyra already knew what she wanted to do with her life – magizoobotany with a concentration leaning towards becoming a dragonologist. Of course, her magizoobotany classes held an interest (except when there were crusteceans that breathed fire and didn’t like water – as much as she tried, she couldn’t focus on that lesson either), but there was something about the way that Professor McKindy tied her life goals into the Spellwork lessons that the Lyra really appreciated. It made it so easy to focus that it was scary.

Of course, it probably helped that Professor McKindy had enlisted the knowledge of his daughter, Jessie. It seemed that the female had also pursued the life that Sorsha aspired to and it made the lessons that much more inclusive. She figured that, while really magizoobotany was the main class she had to focus on, that ones like potions and spellwork were just as vital to ensure that she had a wider range of skills. Something to make her more impressive, especially if she never got over her slight flightiness. When it came to her actual professor, Sorsha found that she liked Professor McKindy’s style. He was always early and he definitely wasn’t afraid to mix things up and make them a little more interesting. Plus, his cat normally accompanied him and goodness was Circe adorable.

If only she liked four legged furry creatures instead of giant fire-breathing scaly ones.

It was as Sorsha entered the Lecture Hall that the silver animal wandered over to sniff her shoes. The Lyra had chosen a simpler outfit, uncertain of what they were going to be doing for the day. Under her normal robes, she wore a pair of light blue skinny jeans with a pale red v-neck top and a pair of white chucks. With her short hair pulled back into a wispy ponytail, Sorsha’s grey eyes were more visible as they landed on the creature that was perusing her converse. “Hey Professor McKindy,” she said cheerfully, stooping down to let Circe get a sniff of her fingers before patting the cat’s head. Straightening up, she pulled her bag off of her shoulder and set it on one of the desks nearby. “I’m doing pretty great, and yourself?”

The female waited for the man’s answer, pushing at the wisps of brown hair that refused to stay in the bobby pins that she’d painstakingly slid into her hair that morning. “So, what’s on the agenda for today?” She was more than excited for whatever was in store for this lesson, especially considering that they weren’t in the admins office. That always made for a promising learning experience considering it was more spacious and much less easy to damage. With the Lecture Hall at their disposal, Sorsha was definitely looking forward to whatever Aaron McKindy had in store for her lesson.

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