Constant vigilance
Wed May 23, 2018 08:29

Until this year, Claudia had never paid a great deal of consideration to Remington. The younger girl was smart, and polite, so Claudia had always been content to work with her in class when they were both in the beginner group. Fourth years rarely shared classes with third years, so Claudia had no reason to talk to a girl she liked well enough, but who was not her friend, nor in her house. Recently, however, she had been avoiding any friend of Dade’s, which included the girl who had appeared so suddenly at Claudia’s side. The flinch towards her wand had been instinctive, but Claudia thought that even if she had consciously thought about her motion, she still would have considered defending herself against one of Dade’s closest friends.

Happily, Remington raised her hands defensively, and Claudia halted her motion. She didn’t trust the other girl, but it didn’t look like she was about to attack her. “Hey, most people say hi,” Remington said.

“Someone should tell Dade that,” Claudia muttered pointedly. There were several people here. It would be okay. Her wand stayed in her bag for now. She still didn’t know why Remington would choose to approach her, out of everyone in the room, but Claudia stopped wondering about that when Remington asked about her hands. “I didn’t hurt them,” Claudia said defensively. She did not trust the younger girl to cast a spell on her (that is, Claudia suspected the Draco’s spell casting was adequate, but she did not trust that, given the opportunity, Remy would cast a spell to help Claudia; it was more likely the blonde would find herself hexed. Again.) and so had sought to deflect her. Her response, however, had probably inadvertently created more questions than it answered.

“Or we could, uh, find a napkin or something, put some pressure on it,” her companion said, apparently undeterred.

Claudia looked again at the imperfections of scarlet against her white gloves. “It’ll stop soon,” she said dispassionately, speaking from experience. Her skin would heal, but that didn’t solve the immediate problem of wearing bloodstained gloves. She didn’t know any spell that successfully removed blood from satin. She couldn’t take them off because then everyone would see her ruined fingers. She couldn’t leave the party because Dade wasn’t here, which meant he might be in one of the corridors, or their commons.

And speaking of Dade, “Why are you talking to me?” Claudia asked. Her tone was not defensive or accusatory, nor was it especially curious; it just seemed so unlikely for Remington to be there with her that there must have been a reason.

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    • Constant vigilance - Claudia, Wed May 23 08:29
      • Constant! - Remington, Fri Jun 1 10:51
        Remington ignored the quip about Dade. She only knew her friend’s side of the story. It was something about leaving Defense because he wasn’t interested in showing the world his fear (valid) and... more
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          • Hang on, don't let go! - Remington, Tue Jun 5 09:44
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              Remington was still talking to her, Claudia dimly registered as everything in the room faded behind the base of the music, suddenly more perceptible to Claudia as it mis-matched the thudding of her... more
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