You're often the leading lady
Wed May 23, 2018 15:41

Marissa’s laugh caused Danny’s grin to broaden: that was exactly the reaction he’d been hoping for. Too bad Rose wasn’t there, too, but she would probably arrive soon. “It looks great,” Marissa said; Danny agreed, although he prefered the seafoam green and brown hues of his own - now retired - Quidditch robes to Aquila’s grey and cream. “Natural, really. You were born to wear an Aquila uniform.” This sentiment, however, was not one with which Danny could agree. He’d always felt like he belonged in Lyra, and sharing the commons with Kaye and Ruben these past couple of years had provided him with great sympathy for everyone else in Aquila House. Lyra commons could be loud and obnoxious, with many students there determined to outshine the others with various artistic or theatrical talents, but he’d always been able to escape to his own dormitory if necessary.

Now more than ever Danny was pleased both of his House affiliation and his single room. After the party, Holland would be sleeping over for the second time. With so many aspects of their relationship forced to occur more quickly than he would have liked, given the choice, Danny had been comfortable progressing physical interactions at a far more gradual pace (which suited Holland, too). Following the bewildering matching boggarts episode, the couple’s intimacy had taken a jump forward, starting with their most public display of affection to date in the corridor immediately after class, and progressing to Danny suggesting Holland stay the night in his room. After considering his suggestion, they had stayed over once earlier in March, and would stay tonight, too, in case they needed further distraction from the colleges letters they would be opening tomorrow.

Marissa’s party had also been designed as a distraction from those same letters, particularly for the most college-anxious of her friends: Holland and Rose. “So, Rose must be coming, then? I’m sure you guys bet on the game – you always do – and she won.” Marissa was right about the bet, but not its terms, or Dany’s attire being an indicator Rose’s presence.

“I assume she’s coming,” Danny said, nonplussed. “Rose never missed one of your parties,” he added cheerfully, as if that evidence was sufficient to settle the matter. “Of course we bet,” he shrugged with a grin, “but no, this isn’t because of that,” he said, brushing some stray glitter from his shoulder (how had that gotten there?). “I just thought you guys might find it funny,” he said. He had been right, of course, because Marissa had laughed, but neither of them were laughing now. Was their argument still so strong that Rose might not even be coming to a party that was being held practically in her honor? Danny bit back a frown. He knew the girls were both upset, but if Rose didn’t come to the party that would definitely make things worse between them, not better. “Everyone needs a bit of distracting,” he said sagely, “not just people waiting on Ivies.”

  • Then who plays April? - Marissa, Tue May 22 13:29
    It felt like she was holding her breath. Was she? Breathe, Marissa. You can do that. Air filled her lungs as she anxiously squeezed her hands together and watched the door. People started to trickle... more
    • You're often the leading lady - Dardanius, Wed May 23 15:41
      • I hope I don't miss my cue - Marissa, Fri Jun 1 10:19
        Danny assumed that Rose was coming, but that didn’t mean her attendance was certain. Marissa tried to ignore the lump in her throat. True, Rose never missed one of her parties, but they’d never... more
        • You’re a star in my eyes - Danny, Sat Jun 2 08:56
          There was glitter on Danny’s hand where he had tried - semi-successfully - to brush it from his shoulder. Then there was glitter on Marissa’s hand after she made a similar attempt. He grinned at the... more
          • Flatter me some more please! - Marissa, Fri Jun 8 11:17
            Marissa appreciated Danny so much. His optimism and desire to support his friends rivaled her own. At this moment, it beat hers. Well, Marissa still won the “support the friends” category, since this ... more
            • You are sweet and vivacious - Danny, Sat Jun 9 13:03
              “Your life would be way boring without me,” Marissa quipped. Danny laughed at her incredulously. “I’ll take a little bit of that boring, please,” he quipped back. If he could make it through the end... more
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