Leopold Harris
Allow me to assist
Wed May 23, 2018 19:43

Leo hated parties. They promised to be these great memory building events that you would find solace in when you were depressed at forty with three kids, a mortgage and a pot belly because- hey at least you once threw up on your friend’s shoes and still got to make out with a girl later. But in Leo’s experience parties didn’t even deliver these pathetic milestones. Mostly you just ate too much food, because otherwise you might have to actually talk to someone, and stood in a corner judging anyone who dared to try and have fun by actually dancing.

Despite all these things Leo found himself throwing on a faded khaki t-shirt and a pair of jeans and turning up to the April Fools’ party. Because apparently he was an optimist all of a sudden and was holding out hope that he might actually have a good time. He knew there would be at least one person in attendance that didn’t make him want to barf so that was something. Myffi was a much more sociable friend than Leo was used to and Leo didn’t want to end up spending all his time moping about on his own again. So if he didn’t want Myffi to totally forget about him and just hangout with her higher celibre of friends he really ought to show his face at the occasional party. It was either that or just become more pleasant to be around and Leo knew which of the two options sounded easier to him. Leo had also heard rumors that there might be something a little stronger than punch going around which was a real incentive for him to attend. He could really do with letting off some steam.

There were a couple of people milling around when Leo got there but no one he wanted to talk to. He did spot Danny Dubois walking around in an Aquila Quidditch uniform which cheered him up more than was probably appropriate for a Lyra to admit. Sure, Leo felt a bit bad for his old teammates, but it would have been too much to watch them win the year he’d been replaced by perfect transfer Caleb Taylor. With the year Leo had just had, he didn’t think it was asking too much to see Lyra destroyed on the pitch thankfully, fate had taken his side for once. Leo hoped that now his grades were improving he’d be able to get back on the team next year but he worried about how Caleb’s influence might affect his chances. It certainly didn’t help that Caleb had turned out to be more than a decent flyer. Leo had turned up to every match silently praying the smug transfer would slip off his broom or something but, he’d been repeatedly disappointed. Lyra’s recent loss only partly made up for that.

Leo headed directly towards the snack table, dodging some airborne popcorn but he was not so successful in his attempt to avoid an exploding balloon which quickly showered him in the world’s most persistent substance- glitter. Leo cursed and immediately bounced on the spot, hopeful that the stuff would just slide off him. Unsurprisingly this did not happen. So he’d just humiliated himself by bobbing around on the dance floor for no reason. Perfect. Not sure how else to save himself from what was becoming an increasingly uncool situation Leo shuffled toward the snack table. Best to just remove himself from sight. People would forget about boring Leo Harris soon enough. That was the only good thing about being unremarkable.

Leo sought to make eye contact with someone who didn’t make him want to find a spot on the ceiling to stare at all night and spotted Holland looking similarly shiny. Glitter was much more becoming on Holland than Leo. Leo looked like he’d had an unsuccessful night trying to score at a stripclub. On Holland it looked much more like a fashion choice. As had become his habit when life dealt him another shitty hand Leo let out a drawn out sigh and admitted, “You look great. Me not so much. Glitter doesn’t really compliment the ‘pineapple my life’ look I’m going for.”

He made a poor attempt to shake the infestation out of his blonde locks but from past experience with his little siblings various arts and craft projects, Leo knew that Holland was correct. This was just another thing he was going to have to put up with. Whoopie.

Leo reached out to grab a glass of punch needing it to have been spiked with something because the party had not got off to a great start. “I hate pranks,” he muttered, casting an iriked glance towards Marissa Kendrick. Right now Leo didn’t care how hot the older student was, he’d already been tricked by the galleons stuck to the floor, assault by glitter was more than he was ready for. He raised his glass to his lips only to be met with something rubbery, and on closer inspection Leo realised with disgust that it was jello. Tossing the cup back onto the table he turned to Holland and with a dismayed expression grumbled, “I suppose there isn’t even vodka jello shots hiding here, because that is literally the only time I can support the consumption of jello. That stuff is just wrong.”

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