I'm not sure I deserve your pity
Thu May 24, 2018 09:27

Alena relaxed into the safe hands of the poor person she’d stumbled into. Her heartbeat continued to flutter in her chest but the panic which had consumed her moments before began to warp into embarrassment. Timidly, she removed herself from their touch and risked peeking at her saviour’s face. It was Nolan which only made the flush in her cheeks deepen a darker shade of crimson. They always seemed to bump into each other at parties but usually not so literally.

“Thank you,” Alena said with a shy smile. “I’m alright. I was a little startled, that’s all,” she said stupidly as if her cowardice when confronted with a strip of paper hadn’t been obvious enough. Small explosions were erupting around the room as students were drowned in popcorn and glitter, unlike Alena they all seemed to be taking it in their stride. Alena wished very much that she could be like them. If only to prove to Nolan that she wasn’t always the most tedious person at a party. “I’ve made quite a mess,” she said lightly and pulled out her wand to start collecting the bits of food she’d spilled on a plate, motivated by an urge do something to distract herself from her humiliation.

Fumbling with the skirt of her dress she nervously attempted conversation, “I imagine Aquila must be in high spirits today. April Fools is a very ah Aquila sort of celebration and you must be pleased- with the Quidditch win,” she added for further confirmation. Alena was poorly suited to April Fools and had little real interest in Quidditch. Her brother had played in his youth, and although Alena usually took an interest in just about everything Benjamin did Quidditch had just served to make her more anxious. It was such a dangerous sport after all. It was only a matter of time until someone at the school really hurt themselves. Magic could only do so much. Alena had been relieved when Benjamin hadn’t continued playing much after school but she knew that most people didn’t share her aversion to the sport, and second only to the weather sports were the epitome of small talk.

  • I pity the fool - Nolan Ramsey, Mon May 21 22:58
    The way Heather had talked the events up, Nolan would have expected Marissa Kendrick to throw more parties. There’d been the one last year when she’d turned the rec center into a beach, and that had... more
    • I'm not sure I deserve your pity - Alena, Thu May 24 09:27
      • Then how about some sympathy? - Nolan, Thu May 31 19:28
        With Alena not in danger of falling down anymore, Nolan became very preoccupied with looking at his tennis shoes. Last time he’d talked to Alena at a party (the last Marissa Kendrick party Nolan had... more
        • I'll take that - Alena, Tue Jun 5 11:30
          Alena was glad Nolan had decided not to make a fuss over her clumsiness. Her hands still shook a little (whether it was from the embarrassment or the fright Alena couldn’t be certain) but the waves... more
          • It’s all yours - Nolan, Tue Jun 12 00:52
            Alena agreed to join him on a trip to get more food, so he led the way, grinning at her question. “Naw, if I was gonna prank anything, it wouldn’t be the food,” Nolan assured her. “No sense in... more
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