By all means, you can try
Sun May 27, 2018 08:52

“Thanks,” Holland said, pleased by the unexpected compliment. Holland was usually of the opinion that sparkles improved most things, but they couldn’t deny that earth tones and jeans didn’t pair naturally with glitter. Holland’s pastel, moderately femme outfit was upgraded by glitter. On Leo, the effect was somewhere between ‘lazy glam rocker’ and ‘brooding YA romance novel vampire.’

A dusting of glitter fell from his hair when Leo shook his head, but that somehow didn’t seem to lessen the overall amount of glitter on his person. “You can pull off anything if you’re confident enough,” Holland said. Believing that they looked great had always worked for them. “I can get behind ‘sparkly nihilism’ as an aesthetic.” Kaye’s style was ‘manic pixie dream punk’ and Heather’s was ‘enchanted seasons Barbie,’ so it was clear that anything could work at RMI.

Hating pranks seemed like an odd attitude for someone attending an April Fool’s party to hold. Holland wasn’t inherently opposed to pranks, but they didn’t often participate themself. They had found that pranks pulled with magic were usually funnier and more creative than Muggle ideas of pranks, which often just involved lying to people. When Holland had been living at home during the spring, Dad would usually do something on April Fool’s Day, but it was the loosest definition of a prank. His pranks were usually along the lines of switching the cereal into different boxes or putting googly eyes on everything in the fridge or “we’re having spaghetti for breakfast and pancakes for dinner!” (a lot of Monty’s pranks revolved around breakfast). Just small, silly things that didn’t really inconvenience anyone.

They thought Marissa’s pranks at this party were at the right level. People could participate by approaching the popcorn lanterns or drinking the flavor-changing potion, but the non-voluntary pranks—like the popping balloons or the streamers—didn’t have longstanding negative effects. Being covered in glitter might last a while (maybe tergeo would work? Holland had never tried the spell for glitter removal before), but they didn’t consider it a negative effect.

As Leo grabbed a glass of punch, Holland had one of the pigs in a blanket (it squealed when they picked it up but then went silent). Holland usually avoided the punch at Marissa’s parties; this time it seemed like the punch wasn’t spiked, but it also wasn’t punch. “The jello is definitely non-alcoholic,” their said, knowing that Marissa wouldn’t just set out alcohol at a party at which first years were welcome. “But you could probably get something from Marissa or Ruben,” they added, assuming that their ex was the most likely candidate to have brought alcohol to the party after the hostess.

  • Allow me to assist - Leopold Harris, Wed May 23 19:43
    Leo hated parties. They promised to be these great memory building events that you would find solace in when you were depressed at forty with three kids, a mortgage and a pot belly because- hey at... more
    • By all means, you can try - Holland, Sun May 27 08:52
      • I'm not much of a trier - Leo, Thu May 31 19:13
        “You can pull off anything if you’re confident enough.” People always harp on about being confident. Confidence seemed to be the key to just about everything good in life. A quick evaluation of Leo’s ... more
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