Just drink the Kool-Aid
Tue May 29, 2018 10:03

“I think the popcorn is just regular flavor. I had some of the flavor-changing potion.” Drew jerked his head toward the table, where the bowl of multicolored potion was shimmering. He plucked another piece of popcorn off his shoulder and ate it. “That one tasted like shrimp,” he reported. “Haha, popcorn shrimp,” Drew added, making the connection now that he had said it out loud. “Do you think the potion knew it made a pun?” A lot of magical stuff had punny names, like pensieves and portafloo, and magic was weird and cultural and kind of alive. He would totally believe that a spell had made a pun on purpose.

Drew had definitely been to parties with decorations that had exploded before (because he was related to Jessie and Kit) but he was pretty sure he hadn’t been to a party with decorations that exploded on purpose. He was really impressed by how they had turned out today. The balloons weren’t just popping, they were also repairing themselves and refilling with glitter so they could explode again later and get more people. Even Kizzy wouldn’t be able to get rid of all the glitter in the lecture hall after this party.

“Yeah, my cousin Marissa did the spells. And the lanterns were Kit’s idea,” Drew said, assuming that Jesse knew Kit because Kit was impossible not to know. Even if he hadn’t managed to work with her in class yet (Drew often took that hex for everyone, when they had the option, because he was the only one who knew how to manage Kit), it was hard to not notice a bouncy redhead with a giant spider. Jesse seemed so surprised by the magic decorations that Drew figured he was probably Muggleborn. “Is this your first wizarding party? What do you think?” he asked, wanting to gauge whether people liked it so far. If Drew was going to be in charge of parties next year, he wanted to make sure people would think they were fun.

He tried not look look too expectant as Jesse grabbed a handful of candy. During setup Drew had scooped up a handful of M&Ms and poured it in his mouth, so he knew there were more than just M&Ms in that bowl. It probably would’ve been okay if he had just gotten Reeses Pieces mixed in with the M&Ms, but he’d wound up with some Skittles too. Peanut butter plus chocolate plus fruity candy equalled yuck, especially because Drew hadn’t been expecting it. He hoped Jesse would make the same mistake.

  • Sounds like a cult invite - Jesse, Wed May 23 14:46
    Unusually, Jesse knew the name of this student. His name was Andrew Tennant, but staff and students alike called him Drew. He had the same last name as one of the professors, but not a teaching... more
    • Just drink the Kool-Aid - Drew, Tue May 29 10:03
      • The what-now? - Jesse, Tue May 29 14:46
        The words that Drew spoke in reply didn’t make much sense at first. Flavor-changing potion was a new concept to Jesse. He hadn’t learned about that in class yet and he did not read ahead in all of... more
        • Uhhh... the punch! - Drew, Tue Jun 5 12:41
          Drew was pleased to see that Jesse thought the popcorn shrimp joke was as funny as he’d thought it was. Actually he was pretty sure Jesse thought it was even funnier, because he laughed for a while,... more
          • All Punch, no Judy - Jesse, Fri Jun 8 14:33
            “Just sometimes things explode because Kit,” Drew said, and while the sentence was missing at least one word to properly make sense, Jesse understood anyway, and nodded to convey this to Drew. Kit... more
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