The what-now?
Tue May 29, 2018 14:46

The words that Drew spoke in reply didn’t make much sense at first. Flavor-changing potion was a new concept to Jesse. He hadn’t learned about that in class yet and he did not read ahead in all of his textbooks (he did in some of them because he got drawn into a topic and found it interesting so read more, but that didn’t often happen with his potions textbooks because the interesting explanations were broken up by directions for potions and they made for dull reading material so Jesse rarely progressed beyond their current focus) but from its name and the context of Drew’s popcorn tasting a different flavor to Jesse’s, the Draco could easily surmise the effects of the potion. Drew then helpfully indicated where Jesse might find some if he wanted to drink some himself. The first year did not think he wanted to drink any. He could stand that some flavors were a surprise until the food was in your mouth, like if popcorn was sweet or salted, or when chips were in a bowl instead of their bag, or when there was a silver foil tray of takeout food and there was no way of knowing how spicy the gloopy yellow sauce was until you tried it. He didn’t think he would want to eat food with textures that did not correspond with their flavors. That was bedlam, as Drew clearly demonstrated when he declared his next piece of popcorn tasted like shrimp.

“Ha, popcorn shrimp,” Jesse echoed, smiling. Then he laughed a bit, because he imagined a popped kernel with little eyes and a shrimpy tail and that looked funny in his mind. Then Drew wondered if the potion knew it was making a pun and Jesse laughed a bit more at the notion of a sentient potion intentionally creating food puns to entertain young wizards. Then he laughed a bit more because he was still laughing and it had been quite a long time now and that was quite funny. Then suddenly it felt like too long a time so he stopped. “You could check if the tomatoes taste like cherry,” he offered knowing it was not as funny as what Drew had said but he made a food pun and that was better than just laughing for a really long time and then not making a food pun. Probably.

Again from context of their conversation, Jesse was able to deduce that Drew’s cousin attended the school in some capacity, but he was not clear on who she might be to have made the decorations. He thought one of the older students had arranged the party but then he thought also that Marissa was the name of the librarian, so maybe the staff (or the non-teaching staff perhaps, whatever their correct collective name might be) had helped out. Perhaps all of Drew’s family members were employed at RMI. On the other hand, he did know who Kit was. If Drew’s cousin had helped decorate the party and perhaps Drew had been there and his best friend Kit had also been there and had an idea about decorations that she told the librarian about this could all make sense but in reality it was leaving Jesse very confused regarding who had organised the party and who had decorated it and who was related to Drew and how and it was all a bit much. Luckily Drew distracted him with a question.

“Oh no, it’s not my first wizarding party,” Jesse said, understanding how Drew had drawn that conclusion if all the wizarding parties the older student had been to featured exploding decorations. It sounded hazardous but entertaining. “Juts the first one where the decorations explode. Usually there are just floating candles or those flowers that just wilt and the grow and bloom and then wilt again on an endless cycle, you know? But those aren’t really parties like these, because there aren’t any grown ups here and I can have all the candy I like.” He looked at his handful of M&Ms, preparing to eat all the brown ones first (because from most food-normal color to least - finishing with blue, of course - was the only sensible way to eat them). He put one in his mouth and reached for another, but, “There’s something awry,” he said, disappointment bordering on suspicion. He held up his hand closer to his face to inspect its contents. “Hey some of these are - OH,” Jesse suddenly understood that this was another prank and he laughed again, but not as much as he had at Drew’s popcorn shrimp joke (Haha, popcorn shrimp). “That’s funny,” he commented.

Now Jesse was left with a conundrum because he didn’t eat Skittles in the same way he ate M&Ms and he didn’t much like Reese’s Pieces but he couldn’t put them back and he didn’t want to waste them. He frowned at his hand. “I don’t eat Skittles in the same order,” he said to himself, but aloud this time, shaking his head a little.

  • Just drink the Kool-Aid - Drew, Tue May 29 10:03
    “I think the popcorn is just regular flavor. I had some of the flavor-changing potion.” Drew jerked his head toward the table, where the bowl of multicolored potion was shimmering. He plucked another ... more
    • The what-now? - Jesse, Tue May 29 14:46
      • Uhhh... the punch! - Drew, Tue Jun 5 12:41
        Drew was pleased to see that Jesse thought the popcorn shrimp joke was as funny as he’d thought it was. Actually he was pretty sure Jesse thought it was even funnier, because he laughed for a while,... more
        • All Punch, no Judy - Jesse, Fri Jun 8 14:33
          “Just sometimes things explode because Kit,” Drew said, and while the sentence was missing at least one word to properly make sense, Jesse understood anyway, and nodded to convey this to Drew. Kit... more
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