Mikael Anselm Lundqvist
A small turn in exchange for your big one
Thu May 31, 2018 14:27

Anssi let out a quiet squeak of surprise as he was jostled. Or to be more specific, the squeak came after. It had been a too unexpected jostle for him to react in quicker time. A blue shoe fell off his paper plate of Mr. Potato Chips and landed beside his own sneaker, which was not blue and also not potato-y, although now he guessed it was probably a bit salty on account of the chip which had probably had some of its salt shooken off in the fall. But he wasn’t about to get down and taste it to find out. He was already embarrassed at having wandered too close to the dance floor and being hit by the one dancer there. Licking his shoe seemed like a good way to be even more embarrassed, and a not necessary one too.

Yet surely he couldn’t really be blamed for not paying enough attention to the directions where he was walking. First of all he had been looking for a quiet (but not Secret Passage types of creepy-quiet) place to practice spells in when he discovered there was a surprise party in the main classroom. After taking a few hesitant steps inside, a party decoration that was like a paper chain except actually just one long single paper had looped itself around Anssi’s wrist and dragged him further in. Then he had been distracted by all the body parts in one bowl on the snacks table, and his older housemate Jakob-with-a-C had seen his confusion and come over to explain that it was based off an American toy called a Mr. Potato. He didn’t want to keep taking up space at the snacks table, so served himself some potato chip body parts, and went off to stare at them where he wouldn’t disturb anyone else. Obviously that had failed because he had gotten very much in the way of this older girl!

“No no, it is okay, I am also being sorry,” he hastily apologized, accent thickening as a blush spread across pale cheeks and under the roots of his short blonde hair. Raising his eyes to meet those of the girl in the colourful dress, it suddenly clicked in Anssi’s brain that she looked familiar. “Oh hej, Me… Mu…” Nope, he didn’t remember her name. But he knew who she was, at least. “Hej,” he backtracked, “you are one of Ruben’s friends. Ruben is my brother.” That seemed important to add since he was mostly sure he had not spoken directly to her before and equally unsure whether she would know how he was connected to the much taller, older, hairier, muscle-ier Swede. Now, Ruben had never called her a friend, but this was not unusual - it would be stranger if he had. But on the sometimes that he had pointed her out to Anssi in the halls or at meals, it had not been with many real insults. There was a big and also not always so obvious difference between Ruben’s making-fun insults and real insults, but Anssi thought he could tell the difference enough to know that the girl was more friend than not-friend.

She offered to twirl with him, which looked like fun spinning, even if the word was unfamiliar to him. Did it count as dancing? Spinning was easy, but spinning-as-dancing might have some rules that he didn’t know existed and wouldn’t be able to follow. “Is it a type of dancing?” he asked. “I am not knowing how to dance, but I can try… Åh but I must put my Mr. Potato chips somewhere,” he thought out loud, looking side to side. The chairs in this classroom were the folding-up type, and his chips plate probably wouldn’t be heavy enough to hold the chair down by itself, and he didn’t know if there was a way to do that with magic. “Or maybe just finish eating all of the chips first,” he trailed off, and picked up another chip - this one white and shaped like a hand - before shyly holding out the plate to the girl who was one of Ruben’s friends. “Do you like chips?”

  • One good Turn deserves another - Myfanwy Owen, Thu May 24 15:36
    Myfanwy loved parties. When Marissa had invited her, the Lyra said she would definitely be going. Parties were like part of Marissa’s personality, and the older girl had been a bit down lately, so... more
    • A small turn in exchange for your big one - Mikael Anselm Lundqvist, Thu May 31 14:27
      • Cake in exchange for no chips - Myfanwy, Tue Jun 5 15:25
        The small, blond boy she had bumped into tried to apologise as well, which didn’t really seem necessary because it was definitely Myffi who had bumped into him with her twirling. “It was my fault,”... more
        • I might just stick with chips. - Anssi, Fri Jun 8 23:13
          Anssi was not completely sure how he should be answering when he apologized for something that was just as much his own fault as another person’s and yet the another person claimed it was their own... more
          • I respect your decision - Myffi, Mon Jun 11 08:20
            Anssi refused her cake in favour of his chips, which was fine, especially given he sounded like he was being considerate to her needs in his refusal (although if Myffi didn’t want to share, she... more
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