I'm not much of a trier
Thu May 31, 2018 19:13

“You can pull off anything if you’re confident enough.”

People always harp on about being confident. Confidence seemed to be the key to just about everything good in life. A quick evaluation of Leo’s life so far would find that unsurprising Leo didn’t really have a good stock of confidence to draw from, of course if Leo said that, people would act as though it was his fault he didn’t have more faith in himself, like Leo ought to give into delusions and just will himself to be better than he was. Which was completely unfair. Leo believed it was all really his mom’s fault he couldn’t feel better about being covered in glitter. Confident people were the children who were told they were great at stuff even before they tried it. When Leo had set out to learn how to ride a bike his mom had stood on the sidelines umming and ahhing and generally making him feel like the bike was a death trap and obviously he wasn't going to pick this up very fast. When Leo thought about he didn’t think anyone had ever really told him was great at something. Bad and mediocre were more familiar terms. It was a very sobering thought causing Leo’s desperation for an alcoholic beverage to increase. He couldn’t be confident all the time but he sure as hell could indulge in a little drunken self-confidence for a few hours.

Leo let out a mirthless laugh, “Thanks, I think.” Sparkly nihilism was better than nothing he supposed and Leo wasn’t going to get a better fashion advocate than Holland. Leo’s knowledge of fashion was flimsy. He mostly let his mom do his shopping and almost everything he owned was held together by crude stretching charms as he continued to grow faster than his wardrobe could be updated.

Leo’s eyebrows shot up as Holland divulged their information. He wasn’t all that surprised to hear those were the students to ask about that sort of thing but Leo didn’t know if he was in the best position to approach either of them. He probably wasn’t on their radar as anything other than that dumb younger boy who’d been held back a year and kicked off the Quidditch team-it didn’t seem to matter how many times Leo corrected that rumour (he’d resigned, thanks very much!), it still spread around. Leo blamed Heather.

Leo glanced around, first directing his gaze toward Marissa and then settling on Ruben. Leo groaned. “I know you like dated Ruben and everything,” Leo said trying not to retch, “but he is such a jerk.” What Holland ever saw in Ruben, Leo would never know. Holland was so kind and smart and cool, and Ruben was...not. He did have a lot of confidence and a lot of hair, as well as apparently a bootleg business, so Leo supposed that must have helped. But if he had to rate Holland’s boyfriends, the Lyra was going to have to pick Danny this time, if only because Danny was somewhat tolerable and good at Quidditch. Still, Holland had managed to perk Leo up a bit, and he leaned toward them, whispering eagerly, “Hey, you really think he’d give me some?” Then recalling his poor financial status, and not trusting Ruben to take pity on a broke sixteen year old he added, “I bet you could get some for me.”

  • By all means, you can try - Holland, Sun May 27 08:52
    “Thanks,” Holland said, pleased by the unexpected compliment. Holland was usually of the opinion that sparkles improved most things, but they couldn’t deny that earth tones and jeans didn’t pair... more
    • I'm not much of a trier - Leo, Thu May 31 19:13
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