Then how about some sympathy?
Thu May 31, 2018 19:28

With Alena not in danger of falling down anymore, Nolan became very preoccupied with looking at his tennis shoes. Last time he’d talked to Alena at a party (the last Marissa Kendrick party Nolan had attended), she had joked that he might be interesting enough for her to put her book down. At least he hoped that had been a joke. He didn’t know Alena very well—she was pretty quiet, he guessed—but she seemed nice and she was from a good family. The kind of person Nolan was supposed to be getting to know at RMI, and also probably the kind of person he’d like to get to know anyway.

“Ah, don’t worry about it,” Nolan said, about to offer to clean up for her. She’d already started to do that herself, though, so he decided not to say anything else about the food. She had already changed the subject anyway. Nolan picked up that thread of conversation instead. He wasn’t a huge fan of Quidditch, but he went to the games because it was one of the only big social things to do at the school. He felt like he was starting to get team sports now that he was at RMI. It felt good when your team won. “Yeah, Lyra must not be thrilled but we’re all pretty happy about it. And apparently April Fool’s is like, Christmas for Aquilas. I’m pretty sure I just won’t touch anything in the commons until the second.”

Nolan hadn’t planned any pranks, but he liked a good joke and there was still time. It probably would’ve been easier to get into the “holiday” spirit if he had a roommate to prank. He’d just have to choose his target carefully. Kaye already messed with him enough, and Nolan was pretty sure she was just doing it for fun, not because he’d done anything to tick her off. He’d passed by her rummage sale of Heather’s things and he definitely didn’t want to be on the receiving end of an Angry Kaye prank. For that matter, he figured everyone in RMI should just avoid Ruben for a couple of days, in case he decided he wanted to celebrate April Fool’s Week. No one would be safe, probably not even Kaye.

“You want to get some more food? I was heading over to the buffet anyhow.” Nolan gestured at the table. He realized that the reason it had taken a second for him to recognize Alena when she backed into him was because her hair wasn’t as curly as it normally was. “Did you do something with your hair?” he asked, and then realized ‘curious’ probably wasn’t the tone you were supposed to take when you asked about a girl’s appearance. You probably weren’t supposed to ask questions about a girl’s appearance, period. “I mean, it looks real nice. You look real nice,” he amended, noticing her red and white dress. Nolan hadn’t dressed too differently for this party than he usually did—just a little nicer, in khakis and a blue shirt buttoned over a white undershirt—but Alena had clearly dressed up for it.

  • I'm not sure I deserve your pity - Alena, Thu May 24 09:27
    Alena relaxed into the safe hands of the poor person she’d stumbled into. Her heartbeat continued to flutter in her chest but the panic which had consumed her moments before began to warp into... more
    • Then how about some sympathy? - Nolan, Thu May 31 19:28
      • I'll take that - Alena, Tue Jun 5 11:30
        Alena was glad Nolan had decided not to make a fuss over her clumsiness. Her hands still shook a little (whether it was from the embarrassment or the fright Alena couldn’t be certain) but the waves... more
        • It’s all yours - Nolan, Tue Jun 12 00:52
          Alena agreed to join him on a trip to get more food, so he led the way, grinning at her question. “Naw, if I was gonna prank anything, it wouldn’t be the food,” Nolan assured her. “No sense in... more
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