I hope I don't miss my cue
Fri Jun 1, 2018 10:19

Danny assumed that Rose was coming, but that didn’t mean her attendance was certain. Marissa tried to ignore the lump in her throat. True, Rose never missed one of her parties, but they’d never fought like this before, either. There really was a first time for everything. Danny should know that better than anyone else. Marissa introduced him to plenty of first times . She was his first kiss, and there were tons of other firsts that came out of that. If Rose really did hate her… well, not coming to a party that had been planned specifically with her need for college distraction in mind was a great way to show it.

“Well, it is funny,” she conceded, looking him up and down once more. Marissa wondered who the uniform may have belonged to. There wouldn’t be a good way to figure it out, unless Danny ended up borrowing it from storage or whatever. The Quidditch uniforms at Rocky Mountain International had numbers on the backs, but they didn’t have the names of any players on them. The last name of the player magically appeared whenever the student put on the jersey. Marissa had no doubt that if she looked at the back of Danny’s shirt, it would say Dubois in big, proud letters.

She reached over and helped him brush the glitter from his shoulder, knowing full well that that was a lost cause. Now there was glitter on the side of her hand. It’d get passed around until everyone had some bit of glitter on their person. There were worse things. Everyone may not have agreed, but the issue of glitter was a relatively harmless one.

When Danny pointed out that everyone needed a distraction, Marissa barely held back a laugh. “Yes, sure, everyone needs one. What could the great, lucky, easy-going Danny Dubois need to be distracted from?” she teased her friend. “Is it the amazing relationship or the piles of money that keep you up at night?”

  • You're often the leading lady - Dardanius, Wed May 23 15:41
    Marissa’s laugh caused Danny’s grin to broaden: that was exactly the reaction he’d been hoping for. Too bad Rose wasn’t there, too, but she would probably arrive soon. “It looks great,” Marissa said; ... more
    • I hope I don't miss my cue - Marissa, Fri Jun 1 10:19
      • You’re a star in my eyes - Danny, Sat Jun 2 08:56
        There was glitter on Danny’s hand where he had tried - semi-successfully - to brush it from his shoulder. Then there was glitter on Marissa’s hand after she made a similar attempt. He grinned at the... more
        • Flatter me some more please! - Marissa, Fri Jun 8 11:17
          Marissa appreciated Danny so much. His optimism and desire to support his friends rivaled her own. At this moment, it beat hers. Well, Marissa still won the “support the friends” category, since this ... more
          • You are sweet and vivacious - Danny, Sat Jun 9 13:03
            “Your life would be way boring without me,” Marissa quipped. Danny laughed at her incredulously. “I’ll take a little bit of that boring, please,” he quipped back. If he could make it through the end... more
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