Fri Jun 1, 2018 10:51

Remington ignored the quip about Dade. She only knew her friend’s side of the story. It was something about leaving Defense because he wasn’t interested in showing the world his fear (valid) and thinking Claudia was following him. What Remington didn’t understand was Dade’s belief that the older student followed him to fight. She knew that Claudia had problems with some of the seventh years, but that genuinely seemed like some sort of family dispute. The Draco one hundred percent believed that Dade thought Claudia was out to get him, but just because someone believed something didn’t make it true. Some people still thought the Earth was flat!

She believed that Dade thought there was probable cause to attack first. She also believed that Claudia had her own version of the story that… well, Dade could be paranoid and think before he acted sometimes. The logic made sense to him, but that didn’t mean it was right.

With that in mind, she understood Claudia’s hostility. She was a friend of Dade’s and that made her a threat. Remington hardly saw Claudia, the girl in the back of the room with bleeding fingers, as anything like a threat. A concern, perhaps, but not a threat. If the other girl decided to hex her for no reason, then that would change her opinion. People rarely did things for no reason, though.

The Cetus spoke as if she’d dealt with this issue before. Remington managed not to frown and looked away from the gloves. Why was she talking to Claudia? The dark skinned girl shrugged. “You looked like you needed help. I wasn’t just going to… stand by when I could do something.” She certainly wasn’t there to apologize for Dade or excuse his actions. She wasn’t there; she didn’t know the full story. But from what she could see, Claudia was just as much of a mess as her friend, and that could only lead to more bad things. Sometimes discourse was a better way to solve conflict and come to a peaceful resolution. She hoped this could be the start to one of those times. Remington was not interested in her peer group becoming full of mayhem and drama like the older kids.

  • Constant vigilance - Claudia, Wed May 23 08:29
    Until this year, Claudia had never paid a great deal of consideration to Remington. The younger girl was smart, and polite, so Claudia had always been content to work with her in class when they were ... more
    • Constant! - Remington, Fri Jun 1 10:51
      • Constantly on edge - Claudia, Fri Jun 1 21:15
        Claudia had never had much to do with Remington. She had happily worked with the other girl in class on previous occasions, as they we equally committed to achieving a good grade and the Draco was,... more
        • Hang on, don't let go! - Remington, Tue Jun 5 09:44
          “Why? Nobody else is trying to help me.” Remington doubted that, but she wouldn’t say so. She knew that Claudia had her own friend group, and she couldn’t imagine they’d abandon her over this. After... more
          • Letting go! - Claudia, Tue Jun 5 14:20
            Remington was still talking to her, Claudia dimly registered as everything in the room faded behind the base of the music, suddenly more perceptible to Claudia as it mis-matched the thudding of her... more
            • Let's go - Remington, Thu Jun 7 09:24
              Remington liked to believe she was smart enough to handle any situation on the fly. Professor Boot assigning a group project without telling them what the project was about? Boom, feminism, done,... more
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