Kaye Packman
Fashionably Late!
Fri Jun 1, 2018 14:48

The word to describe Kaye Packmen on this specific April first had to be giddy. Delighted, even. She’d left Aquila early, having better things to do than participate in one of the best holidays ever. Besides, she felt as though she’d gotten her April Fool’s out of the way early. Heather naturally wanted revenge after Kaye’s yard sale stunt, and tried to mess with Kaye’s next most important items: her shoes. People were entirely predictable, and Heather was no exception, so she made sure to give her footwear some magical protection. When Heather tried to do something to Kaye’s shoes (or any of her belongings, really), she received a nasty shock and her green hair was turned into a shrubbery. Each time Heather tried, the shrub got bigger. Kaye felt particularly proud when she saw her roommate picking flower petals out of her hair and grumbling to herself in class.

Kaye’s favorite part of the prank was when random objects in the room started shouting “Ni!” at Heather’s shrubbery hair. That was just for Kaye, though. Her papa really liked Monty Python, and she was inspired.

Her tall heels clicked excitedly across the floor as she sped walked to the lecture hall. Kaye didn’t like to do things quickly. She preferred to meander over race. Today was different, though, and she could not wait to make it to the party to show off. Well, she didn’t have anything physically to show off - except the name place of a Mr. Plortenburgton (because what kind of name was THAT) she grabbed on her way out - but she could certainly brag!

She was coming to the party from Pearl Street, where she’d visited the Boulder’s Department of Magical Transportation. The building was nestled between a closed Muggle shop and a public bathroom. There, she took the test for her apparation license! It was strangely easy. She remembered the couple of lessons that RMI provided being a little harder. All she had to do was apparate to a designated place on Pearl Street, then make it back without losing a body part.

Kaye smacked a streamer out of her way when she entered the room and placed her hands on her hips as she surveyed the room. Her black and red corsetted top fit perfectly, and she loved her new leggings. They were solid at the top, and then became laced like a corset as the moved towards her ankles. April Fool’s was great, but she was not about to prank someone with her wardrobe. No, thanks, she liked her look.

It didn’t take long to spot Ruben because he looked so different. She’d been expecting a naked boyfriend, but one sporting a suit was a welcome surprise. She grinned and made her way over. Before she could present him with the name plate, he offered her a drink. She knew it had to be spiked with something, and the Aquila absolutely didn’t mind. The scream of the somewhat liquidy beverage made her jump and it splashed onto her hand. Whatever, worth it. She laughed and used her free hand to hold up the name plate.

“Turns out they don’t give out any physical licenses when you pass the apparation test, so I swiped this,” she grinned, “I can apparate!”

  • Hello, the party's here now [Kaye] - Ruben Lundqvist, Tue May 22 23:33
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    • Fashionably Late! - Kaye Packman, Fri Jun 1 14:48
      • You'd be fashionable at any speed - Ruben, Thu Jun 7 22:44
        Between the soft scratch of his suit jacket over otherwise bare pectorals, the glitter stuck in his eyelashes, and the brief glimpse he caught of some goofy kid bouncing around like an antelope... more
        • The beverage didn’t seem to be done screaming, which made it a little difficult to hear Ruben’s praise. She quickly decided that there was a simple solution to that, and with the raise of a perfectly ... more
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