Hang on, don't let go!
Tue Jun 5, 2018 09:44

“Why? Nobody else is trying to help me.”

Remington doubted that, but she wouldn’t say so. She knew that Claudia had her own friend group, and she couldn’t imagine they’d abandon her over this. After all, one of her friends was Connor, and he had no room to judge anyone. Her already low opinion of the boy would sink down past the floor if he’d do something like that. The others weren’t people she felt familiar enough with to judge. Maybe they were flighty friends, too, and Claudia was telling the truth. That would really suck. She felt bad.

Then, Claudia warned Remington that she was reaching for her wand and why, and she couldn’t stop herself from remembering similar instructions from her parents. “Do what they say. Show them your hands. Narrate what you’re doing, but do not do anything they haven’t asked you to.” Was Claudia really that scared of Remington? She felt guilty despite knowing the fear wasn’t something she’d caused. Her own hands , which had still been up in a friendly surrendered position, fell to her sides, and she shrugged a little.

She thought Claudia’s solution to the blood on her gloves was morbid and not a solution to the actual problem. Sure, the blood stained gloves were an issue, but the actual bleeding was maybe more important? Maybe. This wasn’t something Remington herself dealt with, so perhaps the gloves were the most expensive part of the girl’s wardrobe and it made more sense to protect them first? Whatever, the Draco still thought dealing with the Actual Blood was much more important but Claudia said everything was fine now. That was clearly a lie, but she didn’t know the other girl well enough to know what helpful thing she could say.

When Dade was upset, she mostly just existed in his space until he was ready to talk. That probably wouldn’t work with Claudia. The other girl seemed ready to cry or pass out, which were both things Remington wasn’t entirely sure how to deal with. She was an only child, so she didn’t really deal with crying. She liked to imagine she’d be equipped to be strong emotional support for someone, but this didn’t necessarily seem like the time, place, and person to test that out on. She’d definitely never been around a fainter. How was she supposed to help here?

“Do you want to go? We can find somewhere quiet or - I could find you some water.” Remington hesitated. “I want to help you, because I can tell something is going on, but I don’t know how.”

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