I'll take that
Tue Jun 5, 2018 11:30

Alena was glad Nolan had decided not to make a fuss over her clumsiness. Her hands still shook a little (whether it was from the embarrassment or the fright Alena couldn’t be certain) but the waves of queasiness in her stomach had settled into small jitters and a sudden warmth spread through her body, her cheeks growing pleasantly warm, she nodded as Nolan revealed that her suspicions had been correct- the Aquila common room was not a safe space right now. She let out a little sound of amusement, before asking, “Did you pull any pranks then, I don’t need to look out for any suspiciously coloured food do I?” She looked pointedly toward her plate with an upraised eyebrow.

Alena didn’t think Nolan was very much like an Aquila. Aquila’s were loud and brash and sometimes mean under the pretense of ‘having some fun’. Nolan stuck her as polite and far too sensible for all of that nonsense.

She took a moment to consider his request for her to accompany him to the buffet. Alena was hungry, she hadn’t got to nibble anything off her plate before everything had gone wrong, but she didn't want Nolan to think she was a glutton. Still, it would be an excuse to chat with him a little longer. Alena didn't often feel like people wanted her around but Nolan had asked, and he had to know how dull she was by now, so he clearly just didn't mind a bit of poor company.

"Yes, alright,” she said trying to appear nonchalant but was soon betrayed as her small smile exploded into a grin at Nolan’s compliment. Her free hand immediately jumped up to feel the smooth locks of hair tumbling down her back. She glanced at him, suddenly feeling very shy again. “Thank you,” she mumbled ducking her head, “I’m trying out a new hair straightening potion.” She grinned at him- because suddenly grinning was so easy- and joked, “ Good to know I’m getting my monies worth.”

  • Then how about some sympathy? - Nolan, Thu May 31 19:28
    With Alena not in danger of falling down anymore, Nolan became very preoccupied with looking at his tennis shoes. Last time he’d talked to Alena at a party (the last Marissa Kendrick party Nolan had... more
    • I'll take that - Alena, Tue Jun 5 11:30
      • It’s all yours - Nolan, Tue Jun 12 00:52
        Alena agreed to join him on a trip to get more food, so he led the way, grinning at her question. “Naw, if I was gonna prank anything, it wouldn’t be the food,” Nolan assured her. “No sense in... more
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