Uhhh... the punch!
Tue Jun 5, 2018 12:41

Drew was pleased to see that Jesse thought the popcorn shrimp joke was as funny as he’d thought it was. Actually he was pretty sure Jesse thought it was even funnier, because he laughed for a while, and then made another food joke. Drew was a good sport so he grabbed a cherry tomato off of the buffet and put it in his mouth. It was very weird. Even if you knew a tomato wasn't going to taste like a tomato, your brain still expected it to when it saw you put a tomato in your mouth, so the mismatch still made Drew make a face when it was sweet. “Oh that was caramel,” he reported. Drew liked caramel but it was a very different flavor than tomato. Yeah, this party was going to be really weird for him if he kept eating.

Oh okay, so Jesse was probably from a wizarding family, just one that was… more tame than the Tennant-McKindy-Embers-Kendricks. Drew’s family was really big on holidays. Or, actually that wasn’t totally accurate. Dad, Aunt Abby, Marissa, and Madeleine were really enthusiastic about holidays (Drew liked them too), and Aaron, who was the best at doing magical decorations, liked to make Dad happy, so they usually ended up with really cool decorations. Like Aaron always made the Christmas tree a little bigger than was possible or necessary, and he used magic to make their Halloween costumes awesome, and he even enchanted wrapping paper to move when it was a present-giving holiday (birthdays were basically holidays in the Tennant-McKindy house). “Yeah, our decorations are usually like that. Just sometimes things explode because Kit,” he added, which seemed like enough of an explanation.

Disappointingly, Jesse ate his candy one by one, instead of just putting a bunch in his mouth like Drew did. (Drew would definitely not be doing that before the Flavor-Changing Potion wore off. They’d all end up tasting like different things and it would be like playing roulette. Or eating a bunch of Bertie Botts’ all at once, which you never wanted to do because ew. The risk of eating something truly disgusting was too high.) But Jesse didn’t get an M&M on his first piece of candy so the prank got him right away. Drew cracked up while Jesse was examining his snacks.

“How do you eat Skittles?” Drew asked, confused. He was pretty sure he had never thought about how he ate Skittles. Usually one by one, or sometimes a couple at a time, but not by the handful like M&Ms because there were different flavors. Although the flavors probably went together well enough that it wouldn’t really matter.

He was glad Jesse didn’t take things too seriously, because he was pretty sure there were some people in school who would be super upset by a harmless prank like that. Like for example half of the Cetus fourth-years. Speaking of which, boy, it was a really good thing Dade hadn’t come to the party after all, because when he looked around the room he saw that Remy was talking to Claudia. Drew frowned a little. What was she doing here? Drew was pretty sure that Claudia wouldn’t actually try to come after Dade, but he was wary of her for tattling on them to his dad. He was definitely surprised that Claudia would come to one of Marissa’s parties.

  • The what-now? - Jesse, Tue May 29 14:46
    The words that Drew spoke in reply didn’t make much sense at first. Flavor-changing potion was a new concept to Jesse. He hadn’t learned about that in class yet and he did not read ahead in all of... more
    • Uhhh... the punch! - Drew, Tue Jun 5 12:41
      • All Punch, no Judy - Jesse, Fri Jun 8 14:33
        “Just sometimes things explode because Kit,” Drew said, and while the sentence was missing at least one word to properly make sense, Jesse understood anyway, and nodded to convey this to Drew. Kit... more
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