Cake in exchange for no chips
Tue Jun 5, 2018 15:25

The small, blond boy she had bumped into tried to apologise as well, which didn’t really seem necessary because it was definitely Myffi who had bumped into him with her twirling. “It was my fault,” she reiterated with a smile, just as she recognised him as someone Ruben talked to sometimes, so she had assumed some sort of familial relationship (but she had never asked about it just because it had never come up in conversation, or she had never remembered about the younger boy when she was with Ruben). He sounded like he was going to have a crack at saying her name but then gave up on it, apparently, and said he was Ruben’s brother.

“Oh, right,” Myffi said enthusiastically, the reason for Ruben’s interactions with the younger student now made clear. “Yes, I’m Ruben’s friend,” her smile widened at the acknowledgment. It had taken her a while to develop some firm friendships at her new school, but now she had several and she was ecstatic. “I’m Myffi,” she reminded the younger boy, hoping that he would offer his own introduction, because if Ruben had said his name to her before then Myffi couldn’t remember it.

He started to ask about dancing - twirling was a sort of dancing, but if anyone wanted to dance with her then Myfanwy wouldn’t dictate what sort of dancing they should do; any movement could be beautiful - and she was about to offer to show him how but then Ruben’s brother interrupted himself about his crisps. At least she thought they were crisps, even though they were strange shapes and colours. He wanted to put them down, or maybe eat them all, before he started dancing, which seemed sensible, because dancing with food really didn’t sound like a good plan at all.

“Oh,” Myffi said, when he offered her a Mr Potato chip; she hadn’t realised it, but people at RMI had stopped offering her food that she so obviously couldn’t eat. It took her by surprise that someone would ask if she wanted to share. Of course Ruben’s brother didn’t know much or anything at all about her, so he wouldn’t realise that Myffi wouldn’t eat the food he had selected. “I’m a vegan,” she said, trying to keep her explanation simple because her conversation partner’s English wasn’t perfect and she didn’t want to overcomplicate things for him. “So I don’t eat any animal products, and they are probably made using some parts of animals.” Also potentially environmentally damaging artificial colours, seeing as some of the shapes were blue, and some were white, and neither of these were particularly natural shades for food products. Although they might just involve magic and potatoes or maize and sunflower oil, in which case a vegan could eat them, but they were unlikely to be organic and fairtrade and free of plastic in their packaging, but again Myfanwy was trying to keep her explanation simple.

“It’s okay, you can finish your chips,” she encouraged, pulling down one of the chairs nearby and perching on its edge. She adjusted her round-framed spectacles and considered how small and mousey this kid was compared to his broadly muscular and obnoxiously over-confident brother. “Maybe I should have a rest anyway, I was getting a bit dizzy with all that twirling,” Myffi smiled. She withdrew her wand from a concealed pocket on the skirt of her dress and summoned her canvas bag that had been stowed under one of the seats a short distance away. She withdrew a glass bottle of water and took a sip before resealing its cap and dropping it back in the bag. “I have some orange polenta cake, if you’d like to try some,” she offered to her companion. “I bring my own food to parties, to be sure I can eat it.”

  • A small turn in exchange for your big one - Mikael Anselm Lundqvist, Thu May 31 14:27
    Anssi let out a quiet squeak of surprise as he was jostled. Or to be more specific, the squeak came after. It had been a too unexpected jostle for him to react in quicker time. A blue shoe fell off... more
    • Cake in exchange for no chips - Myfanwy, Tue Jun 5 15:25
      • I might just stick with chips. - Anssi, Fri Jun 8 23:13
        Anssi was not completely sure how he should be answering when he apologized for something that was just as much his own fault as another person’s and yet the another person claimed it was their own... more
        • I respect your decision - Myffi, Mon Jun 11 08:20
          Anssi refused her cake in favour of his chips, which was fine, especially given he sounded like he was being considerate to her needs in his refusal (although if Myffi didn’t want to share, she... more
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