Let's go
Thu Jun 7, 2018 09:24

Remington liked to believe she was smart enough to handle any situation on the fly. Professor Boot assigning a group project without telling them what the project was about? Boom, feminism, done, next challenge. Catapult decided to knock everything off her desk when she had to go to classes for a long time? Permanent sticking charm that she could undo when she got back, duh. There we some things she hadn’t yet figured out how to handle - the way her throat felt like it was going to close when she looked in the mirror too long or finding a way to communicate with her friends in different common rooms - but, for the most part, she felt like an expert in expecting the unexpected.

This made it particularly odd for her to watch Claudia in what was clearly a breakdown, because all her brain seemed to be able to think was whyyyyy?? Seriously though, why her? The Draco was glad she was there to help, because Claudia obviously needed help, but why was it right now in the middle of a party? Dade and Claudia really needed to get over themselves and what they did to each other or whatever. They’d probably feel so much better for it.

The older girl took hold of Remington’s wrist, and she let her, brow furrowing together in concern. She was crying and seemed unable to breathe and - oh, this was some kind of panic attack. Okay, Remington could maybe handle that. That’s what she thought, anyway, before Claudia started dragging her towards the exit. Remington turned her head towards Drew, unsure if he was seeing this or not, and then decided to take charge once they entered the hallway.

She gently but confidently steered Claudia a different direction. Together, they found themselves moving towards Garen Tennant’s office. Remington realized her complete inability to help in this situation, so it made perfect sense to guide Claudia to someone who could. All the while she told Claudia that it was going to be okay, because she doubted Garen could make it worse. This seemed pretty bad already. Once at his office, Remington knocked on the door with her free hand. Instead of saying anything when Drew’s father opened the door, the Draco gestured at Claudia with a free and an expression that clearly let Garen know that she didn’t know what to do, but she’d accepted that this was something that was happening at this point.

  • Letting go! - Claudia, Tue Jun 5 14:20
    Remington was still talking to her, Claudia dimly registered as everything in the room faded behind the base of the music, suddenly more perceptible to Claudia as it mis-matched the thudding of her... more
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