You'd be fashionable at any speed
Thu Jun 7, 2018 22:44

Between the soft scratch of his suit jacket over otherwise bare pectorals, the glitter stuck in his eyelashes, and the brief glimpse he caught of some goofy kid bouncing around like an antelope eating popcorn out of midair, there were plenty of options for a lesser man to have broken his cool. Ruben was no ordinary man, however. He could maintain a straight face for as long as he wanted. In this case, it was only split into a snort of amusement after Kaye jumped and splashed herself with the yelling alcohol. Fantastic. Success achieved. Although now it raised the question of whether the Jello - or rather, yello - shot would get louder or quieter as it was spilled-slash-consumed. He hadn’t set any parameters around that when placing the spell, only seeking to make it yell at random. Eh, it wasn’t that important. They’d find out eventually.

A well-groomed eyebrow arched upwards as she presented him with a card and the excited announcement that she was now a legal Huh. Suppressing the unexpected and frankly unwanted twinge of disappointment that he hadn’t known about this earlier, he returned her comment with a serious nod. “Ja, it is such a loss that you get nothing to wave around-- oh, wait,” he interrupted himself, feigning surprise, taking a step closer and nudging her hand to raise the extended card to something resembling eye level. Skimming it quickly, his expression widened into a broad smirk at seeing the name written on it. Also at the news in general, because this was a big deal for Kaye and he was proud of her happy for her (she’d probably smack him if he expressed pride for something she did all on her own) (and there was the twinge again, ew). But that name! “Guess I spoke too soon. Congratulations, Richard Plortenburgton.”

Ruben considered sticking out his hand for a shake, because that seemed an appropriate way to congratulate someone with the temporary surname Plortenburgton, but both his girlfriend’s hands were full. And so instead he reached higher to nudge her chin up instead and kissed her thoroughly. His thoughts were still a bit distracted, which was lame, but kissing Kaye was always a satisfying venture, and it took some time before he was willing to withdraw from that. His free hand settled around her waist, which felt smaller than usual in the corset, but no less appealing to rest his fingers along. “I didn’t know you were signed up to take the test today. Or did you just steal some poor idiot’s spot in line?” he quizzed, voice heavy with sarcasm. “Regardless, we should do something to celebrate. Just say it - we can do anything you want. Or go anywhere.” Grinning, he finally raised his glass and tipped it back, downing it in one go.

  • Fashionably Late! - Kaye Packman, Fri Jun 1 14:48
    The word to describe Kaye Packmen on this specific April first had to be giddy. Delighted, even. She’d left Aquila early, having better things to do than participate in one of the best holidays ever. ... more
    • You'd be fashionable at any speed - Ruben, Thu Jun 7 22:44
      • The beverage didn’t seem to be done screaming, which made it a little difficult to hear Ruben’s praise. She quickly decided that there was a simple solution to that, and with the raise of a perfectly ... more
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