Flatter me some more please!
Fri Jun 8, 2018 11:17

Marissa appreciated Danny so much. His optimism and desire to support his friends rivaled her own. At this moment, it beat hers. Well, Marissa still won the “support the friends” category, since this party was literally being thrown to distract two one two of their friends from the super stressful college stuff. But when it came to optimism, his was unrivaled. He believed that Rose would come; Marissa was starting to think otherwise. She knew Rose was still mad at her, but she thought that this party was a clear attempt to say sorry and make things normal again.

It was totally a Marissa thing to try to apologize with a party.

He caught her in a hug, and the redhead nuzzled close. She was so thankful that they were completely back to normal. Danny dating Holland almost immediately probably helped Marissa, honestly. It was hard to want to be back together with someone when he made one of her best friends so happy. And Holland really, really was happy with him. She supported their relationship so much. She kept her head on his shoulder and smiled at the platonic kiss. Seriously, it was amazing they were back to normal. She needed that when the one friendship she thought she could count on for the rest of her life was completely falling apart, and she wasn’t sure if it could, or should, ever be repaired.

“You better,” she laughed, “Your life would be way boring without me.” Her laugh quieted and she looked at him. “Seriously though, same. You’re one of the best people I know. Besides, if Holland and I live together, I’m basically counting you as a roommate anyway, so you’re stuck with me.” She managed another glance at the door, wondering if Rose would be her roommate again after they graduated, then shook off the feeling that came with the question. This was a party for her friends, but it was still her party. She stepped out of the hug and grinned up at him. “Alright. What do you want to do? Dance off? Find a drink? Food? It’s a party!”

  • You’re a star in my eyes - Danny, Sat Jun 2 08:56
    There was glitter on Danny’s hand where he had tried - semi-successfully - to brush it from his shoulder. Then there was glitter on Marissa’s hand after she made a similar attempt. He grinned at the... more
    • Flatter me some more please! - Marissa, Fri Jun 8 11:17
      • You are sweet and vivacious - Danny, Sat Jun 9 13:03
        “Your life would be way boring without me,” Marissa quipped. Danny laughed at her incredulously. “I’ll take a little bit of that boring, please,” he quipped back. If he could make it through the end... more
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