All Punch, no Judy
Fri Jun 8, 2018 14:33

“Just sometimes things explode because Kit,” Drew said, and while the sentence was missing at least one word to properly make sense, Jesse understood anyway, and nodded to convey this to Drew. Kit Kendrick was notorious for explosions. He had, until this moment, believed his classmate was an unfortunate combination of clumsy and unlucky, but if she had helped with the decorations here today that were intentionally exploding, perhaps there was more intention behind her other explosions, too? Jesse tended not to work with Kit in class, but perhaps he would avoid her more stringently in future if she was prone to executing explosions by will rather than accident. That seemed yet less enticing, somehow.

“How do you eat Skittles?” Drew asked when Jesse spoke his conundrum aloud. He sounded confused, and Drew’s confusion made Jesse confused: the second year had asked how Jesse ate a particular food. Food was for eating, so that seemed a reasonable question to ask, and not one that required confusion. If Jesse had said he wore Skittles, or sang to them, rather than eating them, he would understand that causing confusion.

Nevertheless he answered Drew’s question. “I eat them in flavor combinations,” he said to Drew, “and try to avoid repetitions.” Jesse picked out a red candy and a green one. “So I can have strawberry and lime first.” He popped the two sweets into his mouth and continued talking around them. “Then I might have lemon and grape. Then orange and strawberry, and keep mixing them up until I run out of new combinations or candy,” the Draco explained. “M&Ms I eat by color, all the brown ones first, then green then orange then yellow then red then blue.” He looked at the handful of treats that was going to mess with his carefully constructed systems of consumption. “I don’t really like Reese’s because I don’t like peanut butter,” he elaborated. He ate one anyway - a brown one, because they were quantifiably closer to the chocolate M&Ms than the fruity Skittles - and pulled a face as he confirmed his statement to be true.

“Are there other pranks at this party?” Jesse asked Drew, because he seemed to know more about what was happening than Jesse did, and he almost certainly had a relative of some sort who had been involved in the planning of the event. “The food behaves unexpectedly,” he commented, “and the decorations explode. Will the music make everyone fall asleep?”

Although that didn’t sound fun for a party. People were traditionally supposed to dance to music at parties, although in Jesse’s experience, at grown up parties people just stood around talking as if the music weren’t there at all, and at children’s parties the music was danced to, but when it stopped you had to follow an instruction like stand still as a statue, or bump down to sit on the floor, or find an empty chair to sit in. Jesse wasn’t good at remembering which game they were playing and he would bump instead of being a statue, so he never won music games. “Or is the music a game?” he suddenly asked Drew, concerned that he had heard no instruction and would inevitably react in the wrong way when it stopped. “Are we supposed to bump or be statues or something different?”

  • Uhhh... the punch! - Drew, Tue Jun 5 12:41
    Drew was pleased to see that Jesse thought the popcorn shrimp joke was as funny as he’d thought it was. Actually he was pretty sure Jesse thought it was even funnier, because he laughed for a while,... more
    • All Punch, no Judy - Jesse, Fri Jun 8 14:33
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