I might just stick with chips.
Fri Jun 8, 2018 23:13

Anssi was not completely sure how he should be answering when he apologized for something that was just as much his own fault as another person’s and yet the another person claimed it was their own fault instead. It felt sort of like his sorry was being ignored, but not in a bad way, like ignoring normally was. Fortunately this type of situation did not happen to him very often, because it was not in the Finnish or even the Swedish culture to have a sorrying tug-of-war. “Sorry” was not even a word they said very often. Neither was “please”. Not that the Finnish or the Swedish culture was not polite, of course, it was only a different type of being polite than the American way.

Apparently Ruben’s friend had noticed that he was trying to avoid saying her name. That was embarrassing but also turned out to be a fortunate thing, as she went on to introduce herself. “Hallo, Myffi,” he returned the late greeting, smiling back at her happy mood. It was impossible not to also be happy when one was being around happy people. (It was also impossible not to have one’s mood changed by being around unhappy people, although for all he knew, that might only be be true for his own family - where unhappy moods were most often led by his parents and big brother arguing over something, and it was loud enough to disturb the mood all across their home). “I am Mikael but everyone is calling me Anssi. Thank you for giving me your name,” he added, feeling his cheeks warm. Maybe he should have not said anything - but his forgetfulness of her name had been so obvious, it would be worse not to thank her!

It looked like his offer of Mr. Potato Chips had caused Myffi some surprise, but after a moment she started explaining to him what it meant to be vegan. Crunching down on his hand-shaped chip, the blonde followed her example, settling into the next seat over, and listened curiously. Potato chips were more than just potatoes, obviously, because otherwise Mamma might let them have chips with dinner instead of just vegetables from the farmers’ market. But surely chips did not have inside of them any meat or eggs or whatever else could come from an animal. That wouldn’t make any sense. Myffi was a lot older, though, so she probably knew something he didn’t. And since she was a vegan, too, she had probably done research on chips and all other types of foods.

He didn’t know what the pole-word was that Myffi had made cakes from, but she had made the cakes herself and he wasn’t a vegan and didn’t need to eat her special vegan food. “Thank you but no,” he responded, “I am not being vegan so can eat the chips instead of your food. It must be many work to always cook for yourself,” he added, picking up next a chip that was shaped like a set of glasses. Anssi held it up to his own eyes briefly and peered through, amused with this familiar yet salt-framed view of the room, and then glanced back up at the older girl. “Why are you working so hard to be vegan? I know sometimes people are not being kind to animals,” he said in his most matter of fact way, because it was a sad topic but a real one, “but Ruben, til exempel, he is enjoying fishing when we are at home in Sweden, and he fishes in a good way and is cooking the fish himself, and I know there must be many people who are doing the same thing.” While he waited for her answer, he nibbled around the rim of the glasses chip.

  • Cake in exchange for no chips - Myfanwy, Tue Jun 5 15:25
    The small, blond boy she had bumped into tried to apologise as well, which didn’t really seem necessary because it was definitely Myffi who had bumped into him with her twirling. “It was my fault,”... more
    • I might just stick with chips. - Anssi, Fri Jun 8 23:13
      • I respect your decision - Myffi, Mon Jun 11 08:20
        Anssi refused her cake in favour of his chips, which was fine, especially given he sounded like he was being considerate to her needs in his refusal (although if Myffi didn’t want to share, she... more
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