You are sweet and vivacious
Sat Jun 9, 2018 13:03

“Your life would be way boring without me,” Marissa quipped. Danny laughed at her incredulously.

“I’ll take a little bit of that boring, please,” he quipped back. If he could make it through the end of term without being hexed or punched or stabbed he’d be excessively content (he had always been opposed to violence but it seemed to find him anyway; perhaps a reassessment of pacifism was in order?). However as looming graduation involved attendance of the parents of the seventh year students, Danny’s safe passage out of Rocky Mountain seemed unlikely: the children of these parents had hexed Claudia or Danny, or had been hexed by Claudia, or had dated Danny, or had been present for excessively uncomfortable mealtimes at his house. If graduation was boring and uneventful, that really was the best case scenario.

Regardless, he still had faith in his own friendships. He hoped that Marissa and Rose would sort out their differences, because their friendship group was more important now than it ever had been before: they would need to make efforts to stay in touch, rather than enjoy the easy luxury of simply sitting in the Diner together every day. Poor Emmett was not graduating this year, but he was Holland’s best friend and Rose’s boyfriend, so Danny was optimistically expecting the group would still all meet up together sometimes. That would be harder to accomplish if Rose and Marissa were not getting along.

“Besides, if Holland and I live together, I’m basically counting you as a roommate anyway,” Marissa said, turning Danny’s thoughts to a more pleasant topic. While it would be challenging, he was sure, to live so far from Holland when he had been used to them being just a couple of staircases away, the promise of freedom to visit Holland at college whenever they were both available was an enticing notion. Danny grinned.

“You won’t be able to get rid of me,” he teased in return. The concept of a college house inhabited by both Holland and Marissa sounded both a terrible and a brilliant idea. So long as Marissa could restrict her partying so it didn’t interfere with Holland’s studying they would probably get along okay. Assuming the arrangement didn’t turn into two of his ex-s living together (Danny shoved that thought resolutely to the back of his mind) he looked forward to the promise of spending more time over the next chapter of his life with people who’d been his close friends for the past several years.

“What do you want to do? Dance off? Find a drink? Food? It’s a party!” Marissa exclaimed and Danny laughed again. He was still terrible at dancing - aside from those traditional, formal dances he had learned growing up - was disinclined to drink anything except bottled water at Marissa’s parties, and had so many idiosyncrasies regarding food that he was reluctant to eat anything, either, particularly considering the theme. But he still hadn’t seen Rose - or Emmett, for that matter - and was content to distract Marissa from their friends’ absences.

He sighed in resignation. “Lady’s choice,” he grinned.

  • Flatter me some more please! - Marissa, Fri Jun 8 11:17
    Marissa appreciated Danny so much. His optimism and desire to support his friends rivaled her own. At this moment, it beat hers. Well, Marissa still won the “support the friends” category, since this ... more
    • You are sweet and vivacious - Danny, Sat Jun 9 13:03
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