I respect your decision
Mon Jun 11, 2018 08:20

Anssi refused her cake in favour of his chips, which was fine, especially given he sounded like he was being considerate to her needs in his refusal (although if Myffi didn’t want to share, she wouldn’t have offered in the first place). “It must be many work to always cook for yourself,” he said - Myfanwy wondered whether he would prefer her to correct his grammar or not. Ruben didn’t always use quite the sentence structure that a native speaker might use, but then sometimes the Americans used words or phrases that Myffi didn’t understand, anyway, so she’d sort of adjusted quite quickly to everyone speaking in slightly different ways. Ruben’s use of English was close enough to Myffi’s own that she hadn’t really noticed it was all that different, until she was talking to his brother now; Anssi’s phrasing was similar to, but less polished than Ruben’s, which made it noticeable - and Myffi shrugged.

“It is,” she agreed, “but I like to cook, and it’s worth the trouble when I know my food has been sourced responsibly.” Whoops, that wasn’t precisely the simple language she had been originally aiming for. Myfanwy didn’t speak any other languages (besides some Welsh, but she wasn’t fluent, and nobody else anywhere in the world spoke it, so it was sort of a pointless language skill to have now she didn’t live in Wales anymore) but she assumed that Anssi’s English comprehension must be pretty good, as he took classes and presumably wrote assignments in English, even if his speaking skills were not quite perfect. The younger student was obviously confident enough in his language comprehension to engage in a conversation about veganism, so Myffi indulged him; she was always happy to explain her choices.

“You are right,” she acknowledged his point with a smile, “there are many responsible fishers and farmers.” Myfanwy and Ruben spent a reasonable amount of time outdoors together, and she had seen the way he cared for the crops in the allotment more than he cared for the other students there. She knew that he fished - she’d heard he took some to Kaye at midterm - and she had never doubted his methods were sustainable and cruelty-free. “I totally ate eggs at home when I knew the chickens had lived in open space, and I have jumpers and things made from wool where I knew the sheep had been well cared for.” She wasn’t opposed to taking what was freely and naturally available: she did not support wasting resources that hadn’t spurred any cruelty or harm in their production. “But most people don’t care. Most commercially available meat is from animals who spend their whole lives crushed together, never seeing the outdoors. Same for milk, cheese, eggs. I don’t want to be a part of that. So unless I know where my food comes from, I’m not prepared to eat something if it means an animal has suffered for my benefit.”

  • I might just stick with chips. - Anssi, Fri Jun 8 23:13
    Anssi was not completely sure how he should be answering when he apologized for something that was just as much his own fault as another person’s and yet the another person claimed it was their own... more
    • I respect your decision - Myffi, Mon Jun 11 08:20
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