It’s all yours
Tue Jun 12, 2018 00:52

Alena agreed to join him on a trip to get more food, so he led the way, grinning at her question. “Naw, if I was gonna prank anything, it wouldn’t be the food,” Nolan assured her. “No sense in wasting perfectly good snacks.” He was almost sure that Marissa had already taken care of pranking at least some of the food—the punch looked suspicious to him—but eh, food was food.

Armed with that philosophy, Nolan grabbed a plate and started putting food on it. There was a bowl of little colorful candies that were shaped kind of like nuts, and a prank-filled party wasn’t the place to go around experimenting with new foods, so he didn’t take any, but he scooped a pile of Bertie Botts beans onto his plate. He’d bet a Galleon that the saltwater taffy was charmed to stick your mouth shut or something, so he avoided that. There were chicken fingers that looked like they’d be edible once he plucked all the feathers off, so Nolan grabbed a few of those, and some barbecue sauce to dip them in (the condiment was the color of a clear summer sky, but it tasted normal). He also got some deep fried balls of mac and cheese and jalapeños that gave off loud popping sounds at random, and a pizza bagel and some carrots that seemed normal.

Nolan liked peppermint toads, so he tried putting a few on his plate, but they all hopped back off onto the buffet table. Instead he just put one in his mouth and stepped back so Alena could replace the plateful of food she’d dropped. “Well, it looks nice,” he reiterated about her hair, because she’d seemed pretty happy to hear it. “I mean, you look nice with curly hair too. All the time. You know what I mean,” Nolan added, because sometimes girls could be really touchy if you said something like that. He was pretty sure they did it on purpose. You really had to work at it to take a compliment the wrong way.

Looking around for his friends, Nolan was unsurprised to see Myffi twirling on the dance floor, and surprised to see that Claudia had made it to the party. He liked Claudia plenty, but he’d figured her for someone who liked a gowns-and-pearls party, not one with joke food and handsy decorations. He noticed she was wearing white gloves, which proved his point exactly. But maybe that was just a fashion thing? Nolan didn’t know anything about style. Well, good for Claudia for coming anyway even though it wasn’t her kind of event.

Out of all of that group of friends, Nolan would’ve guessed that only Caleb would’ve come, but he didn’t see him anywhere. Caleb had kind of suggested that he fancied Claudia, but Nolan couldn’t see that working out. For starters, Claudia didn’t seem like she would date. And even if she did, it probably wouldn’t be someone who wasn’t in society, even if Caleb was from a wizarding family. Nothing against him, he just didn’t get all of it. Sometimes Nolan wasn’t sure he got all of it either—until last December his father had been a non-inheriting third son, and they hadn’t run in those circles more than a few times a year—but Caleb’s world was totally different, and Nolan was pretty sure Claudia would care about that. Caleb maybe having a crush on her hadn’t come up since the boys had talked about it on Pearl Street, though.

Nolan took a bite of the pizza bagel and discovered that it was not pizza. It was half a glazed donut, strawberry jam, and white chocolate shavings. It was still good, but the expectations-versus-reality mismatch made Nolan make a face. “Alright, here’s me warning you instead of pranking you. The pizza is actually dessert,” he told Alena, in case she was thinking about taking one.

  • I'll take that - Alena, Tue Jun 5 11:30
    Alena was glad Nolan had decided not to make a fuss over her clumsiness. Her hands still shook a little (whether it was from the embarrassment or the fright Alena couldn’t be certain) but the waves... more
    • It’s all yours - Nolan, Tue Jun 12 00:52
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