Flattery will definitely get you somewhere
Thu Jun 14, 2018 21:22

The beverage didn’t seem to be done screaming, which made it a little difficult to hear Ruben’s praise. She quickly decided that there was a simple solution to that, and with the raise of a perfectly sculpted eyebrow, Kaye downed the entire thing in one try. The scream died down as she reached the end of the shrieking half-Jello drink; was this someone’s poor attempt at a Jello shot? She liked the burning in the back of her throat and coughed through it before holding the cup up with a grin. There, now she could hear perfectly well, and her body had that nice little post-shot tingle coursing through.

Ruben’s step closer allowed her to admire the lack of shirt on under his suit jacket. Lord, her boyfriend was attractive. He had the body and hair of Thor, an actual God, and the conniving and tricky parts of Loki’s personality, who was absolutely one of the best characters modern cinema - no, any cinema in any historical context - to ever grace screens. If he hadn’t tilted up her chin to kiss her then and there, she would have gotten on the tip toes of her heels (an impressive feat - ha, feet - that she’d mastered by now) and done it for him.

Kissing Ruben was one of her favorite activities. Hanging out with him had always been the best part about RMI, but this added bonus to their relationship did not hurt one bit. She hadn’t kissed anyone before him, and yet she was sure he was one of the best the world had to offer. When he kissed her like this, she wanted to find a way to do more. It made her heart feel like it was growing so big that it couldn’t stay in her chest and needed to jump all over her insides to try and find a new home. She dropped her empty cup to the ground mid-kiss so she could wrap an arm around his neck and pull herself even closer.

It sucked that there wasn’t really anywhere private at the school to go. Usually Kaye didn’t mind an audience, because it was fun to make people uncomfortable, but the idea of being caught doing other things for the first time didn’t necessarily appeal to her. She definitely didn’t want to do that at her house, where her dads could walk in, and they hadn’t yet tested whether or not the stairs would send them to the Headmaster’s office if Ruben tried carrying her up the boy’s staircase. She got the feeling that she’d probably be the only one appearing in his office, and if they weren’t going down together, then they weren’t going down at all. The secret passageways had some super secret sneaky spots, but they were just as likely to be caught by Kit Kendrick as they would by Shifty Eyes or a rat, and that just sounded terrible.

“It was a little of both,” she admitted, “I made an appointment and then skipped ahead in line about five spaces because I was bored.” It may have involved a few charms confusing the people in front of her, but it worked out in her favor. “I didn’t want to tell you about it and then mess up. I thought it’d be a nice surprise!”

He finished off his drink, giving her a moment to think before she spoke. She didn’t use that moment for thinking, however, and just went straight to speaking. “Promises, promises,” She teased, “Anything and anywhere? Like, Pearl Street hotel for the afternoon anything and anywhere, or staying at this lame party and making it better, if it isn’t too late for it already?”

  • You'd be fashionable at any speed - Ruben, Thu Jun 7 22:44
    Between the soft scratch of his suit jacket over otherwise bare pectorals, the glitter stuck in his eyelashes, and the brief glimpse he caught of some goofy kid bouncing around like an antelope... more
    • Flattery will definitely get you somewhere - Kaye, Thu Jun 14 21:22
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