Professor Samuel Boot
A story about you (HoM Years 1-3)
Sat Aug 4, 2018 15:02

This school year was so far very much like most school years, except that it was very light on Tuesdays. Samuel Boot and the poltergeist Shifty Eyes usually played poker on Tuesday evenings, but there had not been any Tuesdays this year, as they hadn’t played in some time (a detail about which Samuel’s self-shuffling cards frequently complained). Perhaps all the Tuesdays would be at the end of this year, rather than distributed throughout. Samuel was not aware of a time this had happened before, although he was familiar with the occurrence of one particularly long Tuesday in 1899, so it was surely possible.

When the beginners students arrived, they saw a horizontal line of white chalk drawn across the blackboard. The line was marked with a series of dates—the earliest at the far left end of the line and the most recent at the far right—beneath which had been scrawled descriptions too tiny for those at the back of the room to read. Served them right for sitting in the cheap seats.

Samuel began the lesson by pointing to the blackboard. “This is a timeline of the life of Vargot, one of the key figures in the goblin rebellion of 1754.” This was Samuel’s third-favorite goblin rebellion, because of the Mid-to-Late-August Apple Orchard Ambush. It was not his favorite because his favorite featured a goblin chef brigade, and it was not his second favorite because of the distinct lack of goat catapults. But 1754 was still quite a good year for a goblin rebellion nonetheless, and Vargot was still a particularly good chef, even though he had not captained his own brigade.

“Later in the semester, we will be using timelines like this one to write reports on other historical figures. To prepare you for this task,” Samuel did not want to hear any comments like ‘it’s too confusing’ or ‘I didn’t like all the soap’ about later assignments, “today you will practice by creating a timeline of your life, starting with your birth day and leaving off at today, unless you have died, in which case you may end it on your death day. Think about the most important events that have happened to you so far—they can be positive or negative, but you must include at least five—and note them at the appropriate spots on your timeline.”

“I have provided parchment on which you should draw your timelines.” Samuel waved his wand, and a pyramid of scrolls fired off his desk like a battalion of bottle rockets. His aim and force were slightly off, and many of the students who weren’t smacked on the snout with their parchment were obligated to get up from their chairs and climb over other seated students to retrieve the scroll. The question of how much parchment to give them had vexed Samuel. Surely they would not need much space. The students’ short lives were but the blink of an eye on the timeline of humanity, a fraction of a fraction for someone of Samuel’s many years! But some of the students had rather large handwriting, so he had compromised by giving them five-foot rolls of parchment (taller than some of the first years) that, even when they were not unrolled to their full length, could not possibly fit on the surface provided by the lecture hall’s seats’ desks.

Hopefully the first years’ making skills had improved since their abysmal attempts at manticore traps. Some of those traps would not even have trapped a Welshman. “You cannot use ‘being born’ as an event. You’ve all managed that so it doesn’t count. If you are stuck, it may help to consult with another student to figure out which events were important.” Unfortunately some students may not know which previous events would end up being important yet, but as this was not a Divinations class, it simply could not be helped. “Well, go on!” Samuel said, waving his hands at the students and managing not to throw his wand, which tried to escape quite regularly. “Your history won’t write itself!” Not on the parchment, at least.

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    • Timeline... yada yada... goblins... - Satveer Mittal, Mon Aug 20 09:39
      The day had so far been a long one. Satveer had to continually push himself to get through it. It didn’t help that History of Magic was one of those subjects that Satveer cared little for. Whilst it... more
    • Out, damned spot! - Jesse Keller, Tue Aug 14 15:27
      There was a blotch of ink on the back of Jesse’s hand. It was dark blue, the standard shade for ink, except for black, which was possibly more standard for wizards, now he thought about it, but... more
      • Have you tried soap and water? - Sadie Embers, Sun Aug 19 16:17
        When it focused on battles and wars and all those intense conflicts, History of Magic was pretty interesting. The subject’s potential was pretty high. It didn’t call for any magic, really, and that... more
        • Not yet - Jesse, Wed Aug 22 16:17
          Jesse had not even found the correct page yet when the girl sitting next to him started speaking to him. She said that being born didn’t count because everyone had done it, which was a strange thing... more
          • Then when? - Sadie, Sun Aug 26 14:58
            “You didn’t know when your birthday was?” “That’s what I just said,” Sadie raised her eyebrows. Was the other student hard of hearing? She thought what she was saying had been abundantly clear. There ... more
            • No time like the present - Jesse, Sun Sep 9 16:28
              The girl explained that she was adopted. Jesse knew what that was. He didn’t know anyone who was adopted, as far as he was aware, but the concept was not a mystery. He did think it was normal for... more
    • A picture paints a thousand words - Georgina Philpott, Tue Aug 7 16:23
      History of Magic had the potential to be an interesting class. Georgina liked some history - the Ancient Egyptians had been fun to learn about, and they had done a Shakespeare project once at her... more
      • Yeah and yours is no Picasso! - Keith Allen, Wed Aug 8 18:39
        One of Keith’s favorite classes was History of Magic. He knew most of the other students probably thought it was a waste of time but he really enjoyed it. The blonde had always loved history, the... more
        • I'm more of a Munch, making you Scream - Georgina, Mon Aug 13 11:54
          Oopsy daisy, Mr Got A Chip On His Shoulder was the unfortunate soul whose desk Gigi had elected to borrow in her excess of parchment crisis, and the darling red shade of his face and neck following... more
    • Where should I start? - Katherine Kendrick, Mon Aug 6 09:25
      It was time for History of Magic and Katherine Kendrick was kind of excited for it. Lots of people thought that History of Magic was boring, but Kit loved Professor Boot. He was as old as the wind... more
      • At the very beginning - Elliot Phippen, Wed Aug 8 21:17
        School had too much sitting still and listening for Elliot, but he figured he’d like it more when the subjects were Spellwork and Potions instead of English and social studies. He was mostly right.... more
        • What if I started in the middle? - Katherine, Wed Aug 15 12:13
          Elliot was going to write down just dates, which Kit supposed made sense and she was about to tell him so and maybe change her own paper when Elliot said a bad word . Kit gasped audibly and clapped a ... more
          • Sounds a little avant-garde - Elliot, Thu Aug 16 20:00
            It wasn’t that Elliot had never gotten in trouble for cussing before. The first time had probably been on his second or third day of kindergarten, because he’d said “dammit” when he couldn’t fit his... more
            • Avant-garde, that's me - Katherine, Fri Aug 17 11:15
              Kit was boiling mad and she thought her head might pop right off, like in cartoons. Elliot had cussed again, right after she’d told him not to! It was like he wasn’t even listening to her, even... more
              • Yet you’re not so modern - Elliot, Wed Aug 29 21:47
                Oh, for pineapple’s sake. Getting the professor involved was a little unnecessary. If Elliot had to pick which professor to get in trouble with out of all the professors at RMI, it would definitely... more
                • Says you - Katherine, Mon Sep 3 10:22
                  It wasn’t that Katherine had a short temper. She didn’t, usually. Whether that was from a general tendency towards obliviousness or from patience wasn’t readily apparant, it was pretty obvious that... more
                  • Yes I do - Elliot, Sat Sep 15 14:52
                    Elliot couldn’t hide his mischievous grin as he waited for Kit’s response. He couldn’t help it. Kit had really been asking for this to happen with her whole word-police business. Seriously, what was... more
    • Let's find a more interesting topic - Dade Farnon, Sun Aug 5 09:43
      Dade’s arms were crossed and he was slumped down in his chair, which was situated at the approximate back of the room. He was pretty sure nobody in the room was working for Claudia, but he couldn’t... more
      • Do you have anything in mind? - Mikael Lundqvist, Tue Aug 7 21:04
        “Ai!” The quiet, surprised squeak came as a result of the thick roll of paper that had unexpectedly launched itself right into his forehead. Technically the launching part had not been of very much... more
        • I'll leave that to you - Dade, Wed Aug 8 13:21
          Overall, Dade wasn’t incredibly fond of Anssi but he didn’t hate the other boy either. He kind of thought Anssi was dumb, but Ruben was (a) almost scarier than Rose and (b) a good self-defense club... more
          • I'll try my best - Anssi, Tue Aug 14 21:28
            Although Dade answered his question about if coming to RMI was an important thing, he did not answer his other question about if Dade was okay after banging his head. That was not the most strange... more
            • Is that your best? - Dade, Thu Aug 16 20:59
              “Mm,” Dade grunted. But Anssi had made a good point, which did happen sometimes, even if it was rare and in very weird English. He hadn’t thought of the fact that real clubs had a staff sponsor. In... more
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