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Sun Aug 5, 2018 09:43

Dade’s arms were crossed and he was slumped down in his chair, which was situated at the approximate back of the room. He was pretty sure nobody in the room was working for Claudia, but he couldn’t be one hundred percent certain and would prefer not to have people behind him if he could help it. There were loads of empty seats around him, which he considered to be a good thing - until someone came and sat one seat over from him. His eyes narrowed as he scowled up at the front of the classroom, where Professor Boot was prepared to be Professor Boot at them for yet another lecture. Why couldn’t they have a normal History of Magic professor? Boot was always on about this goblin rebellion or that leprechaun uprising or pancakes - and Dade had even heard two first years discussing the manticore traps that Boot had them make on their orientation day. As far as Dade knew, there were zero (0) manticores in the school. They were super dangerous, so even the seventh years in Magizoobotany wouldn’t be dealing with them.

There was a line with dates on it and some other writing that was too small for the third-year to see on the board. Dade had no idea what it was for, but he suspected that, like many things Boot was involved in (and in fact, many things about RMI since last year), he would not like it very much.

Today’s outfit was a subtly sparkly grey-black short sleeve top that was fairly loose over a pair of black jeans that were very not. The boots were growing on Dade and he thought that the jeans looked stupid with trainers, so he was wearing the boots he’d mostly stuck with since Holland had helped him pick out some new clothes. As usual, the clothes made Dade feel mildly uncomfortable, but overall less uncomfortable than he would have been in his own clothes, so it was probably an improvement. Nobody had said anything awful about his outfits either - the closest that it would come was Heather Bartel’s pointed comment about how Dade’s outfits had shaped up this year. But that wasn’t nearly as bad as what Dade had worried about, after last year.

If there was a way for Dade to skip class he would have, but Drew’s dad had gone all intervention-y at the start of the school year, which had left Dade less inclined to skip class. It was probably better for his marks, but he was still having a lot of trouble concentrating. Doing homework and studying was hard when you knew that at least two people in the school were out to get you. The Age Line helped, but there was also only so much time that you could spend in your room. Russell had suggested that Dade get a Sneakoscope, which had helped kind of, but also it kept going off at random times. There was a chance it was broken, but the Cetus knew that the better chance was that more people were spying on him than he thought. He surveyed the room, wondering if any of them were here. It was likely, but there was no way for Dade to know for sure since he’d stopped carrying the Sneakoscope with him when he realized how often it was going to make the obnoxious whistling noise that indicated someone was doing something untrustworthy.

Mid-way through Dade’s careful consideration of his classmates, Boot started talking and it almost had the potential do distract Dade from what he was doing - and then the phrase ‘goblin rebellion’ came up. Did the goblins ever not rebel? And after a certain point with all the rebelling, didn’t it become no longer rebelling? That made sense right? Oh even worse though - it seemed like Boot was making them do an in-class assignment. Dade groaned internally, even though his face remained almost expressionless in the most hostile way possible. Not only were in-class assignments terrible (people ended up talking to each other or even working together) but Boot’s assignments were always terrible and this was no exception. They were supposed to make a timeline of important events in their lives? Dade couldn’t think of more than two: being born and Claudia trying to attack him. That was three less than five.

And of course, Boot being who he was, the first thing he tried to do was decapitate his entire class using what Dade rapidly discovered was extremely long pieces of parchment. They weren’t quite bigger than him after his over-the-summer growth spurt, which had left him a little taller than Rose, but they were definitely way too big for just five things that had been important in Dade’s life. Oh - and apparently one of the things didn’t even count. Great.

Dade redirected his scowl from the front of the room to the parchment, which had hit him squarely in the chest and managed to catch itself between his chest and his arm. He didn’t even know where to begin. Sending a sneaky sideways hazel gaze in the direction the person seated next to him, he noted they hadn’t immediately pulled out a quill and anxiously begun scribbling either, so maybe there was time before he was expected to produce something. Did he even want to admit that Claudia’s attempted attack had been so influential for him? Could he just use other things? But that left him with no things to start his timeline with. He was the youngest and the timeline had to start with his birth, so he couldn’t use the birth of either of his siblings as an important event.

This was so, so stupid. A stupid assignment for a stupid class in a stupid school where people were out to get Dade and none of the adults believed him. It was unfair how everyone was on Claudia’s side. Maybe he should just make up things for this assignment. If Boot even remembered to grade it (which you couldn’t always count on) he’d also have to remember which student Dade was (which you couldn’t always count on either) in order to give him detention or whatever. On the other hand, detention with Boot sounded like being in a place where Claudia or Connor could attack him without a teacher caring, or potentially even noticing, because Boot was just...not all there, all the time.

However, it looked like the person one seat over had begun writing, and Dade cautiously leaned over to see if he could read what they were writing without looking too much like he was copying. That would have worked a lot better if he were more coordinated or had been sitting up in his seat properly, because what actually happened was that he leaned over too quickly, dropped his parchment, bent to get it, and promptly smacked his head on the desk attached to the chair. Dade yelped and started swearing, then looked up. Rubbing his forehead, he glared at the person next to him, who had looked over, presumably to see what was going on.

“What do you want?” Dade hissed between gritted teeth, forehead throbbing.

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    • Let's find a more interesting topic - Dade Farnon, Sun Aug 5 09:43
      • Do you have anything in mind? - Mikael Lundqvist, Tue Aug 7 21:04
        “Ai!” The quiet, surprised squeak came as a result of the thick roll of paper that had unexpectedly launched itself right into his forehead. Technically the launching part had not been of very much... more
        • I'll leave that to you - Dade, Wed Aug 8 13:21
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          • I'll try my best - Anssi, Tue Aug 14 21:28
            Although Dade answered his question about if coming to RMI was an important thing, he did not answer his other question about if Dade was okay after banging his head. That was not the most strange... more
            • Is that your best? - Dade, Thu Aug 16 20:59
              “Mm,” Dade grunted. But Anssi had made a good point, which did happen sometimes, even if it was rare and in very weird English. He hadn’t thought of the fact that real clubs had a staff sponsor. In... more
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