Claudia Dubois [2nd year Cetus]
Shock level is not decreasing
Tue Mar 21, 2017 17:37

Claudia enjoyed cultural studies. She knew she lived in her own privileged little bubble, and she was fine with that, thank you, but she didn’t enjoy ignorance. Cultural studies was fascinating, whether they were studying wizarding practices on other continents, or learning about Muggle contraptions. The Cetus student liked to sit in the front row because this was one of the no-nonsense professors, and Claudia liked to show that she was serious about the class. She froze a little with anticipation as the papers were returned with an ominous warning, but thankfully the E marked on the top of Claudia’s test was an acceptable grade to the second year. Not her best, but acceptable.

At the question of what Culture Shock might be, Claudia dutifully raised her hand. When called upon, she answered, “A psychological or physiological reaction to unfamiliar experiences.” Yes, she was a witch born into an affluent and influential magical family, but she had grown up in New Orleans, and then been sent to boarding school in Colorado. She knew a thing or two about culture shock. She received an entirely different sort of shock, however, when someone jabbed a pencil into her shoulder. Claudia turned and frowned at the culprit - of course it was Marley - conveying her disapproval with pursed lips before swiftly turning her attention back to the class.

Having taken notes on the other students’ contributions, as well as the professor’s lecture, Claudia had the makings of a concise definition inked out before the task for the lesson was explained. She took notes on that, too, because there seemed to be several instructions for one discussion based on one slip of paper. She wondered whether she would heed the professor’s suggestion to work with a student in another year, or if Marley was going to commandeer her. Despite having an unstoppable flow of one-sided conversation, Marley wasn’t too bad, Claudia considered. She was certainly easy to get along with, had not yet proven confrontational, although right now she was harassing Claudia about her grade. “I’m not sure it’s any of your business,” she replied as politely as she could, sliding the paper towards her to hide it in her bag, but the large letter on the top was painfully visible as she did so. Claudia decided to ignore this, and took working with someone in her own yeargroup over discussing with Marley why she might have obtained a failing grade on their last assignment.

“Yes, let’s work together,” she said quickly, and pulled a piece of paper from the box that had appeared before them. She opened it up and read the single word written there several times. Marriage. They were going to need more than a class to get through this. Claudia passed the slip to Marley to read. “I don’t even know where to start.”

  • I'm feeling a little shock - Marley Chapman [2nd year, Lyra], Mon Mar 20 18:27
    Yawning widely, Marley shuffled down the steps of the Lecture Hall and plonked down in an aisle seat, right on the front row. Pulling out her notebook, she began twirling her pencil aimlessly. She... more
    • Shock level is not decreasing - Claudia Dubois [2nd year Cetus], Tue Mar 21 17:37
      • Stabilizing a little, though - Marley, Wed Mar 22 11:59
        “I’m not sure it’s any of your business.” “...Oh.” It was weird to be turned down like that. Marley was, very very briefly, stumped on what to say in response. Because, well, why wouldn’t it be her... more
        • Sure we can shake it up again - Claudia, Fri Mar 24 16:12
          Having observed her peers - especially her own yearmates - for the past year and a half, Claudia was not in the least bit surprised when Marley began talking at a hundred miles a minute. However she... more
          • You've sure shook me up - Marley, Sat Mar 25 14:03
            Claudia confirmed that she didn't actually know much about centaurs, and Marley nodded, happy to go along with talking about humans first. Well, really just happy to go along with talking. Some... more
            • Likewise - Claudia, Mon Mar 27 05:30
              For a split-second, it seemed to Claudia as though she had rendered Marley speechless; her partner was opening and closing her mouth but no sound was coming out. Claudia couldn't think of anything... more
              • Claudia usually took a lot of notes. Marley had noticed that, of course, because she took hardly any and so the scribbling of students around her often caught her attention, if only for a few brief... more
                • Are we speaking the same language? - Claudia, Tue Mar 28 14:52
                  Stripping down Claudia’s points to their barest minimum, Marley summarised, “So you just wanna marry someone who’s rich and Pureblooded?” There was something in her tone that suggested skepticism.... more
                  • I'm gonna need a translation - Marley, Wed Mar 29 01:26
                    Claudia was obviously trying to make her feel better, except it wasn’t actually very obvious, because she hadn’t answered her question about if she thought a Muggle could be a good marriage partner.... more
                    • Or a mediator - Claudia, Thu Mar 30 05:29
                      For just a moment, Claudia optimistically believed they were beginning to get back on track, but then Marley had to take offense at her use of the word ‘fine’ and they were back to square one.... more
                      • Or a distraction - Marley, Fri Mar 31 22:32
                        Marley had heard about the witch-hunts and stuff like that, but she didn't think it was really relevant. Obviously not all Muggles would be quick to get on with wizards, and vice-versa too (as was... more
                        • Or a brief break - Claudia, Sat Apr 1 16:31
                          Claudia wasn’t sure exactly what she was feeling. She was disappointed with Marley for not being able to sway in her point of view, and she was frustrated that she couldn’t accurately convey her own... more
                          • And a small loop back to the beginning - Marley, Sat Apr 1 23:23
                            As she waited for Claudia to say something, Marley attempted to put their argument to the side of her brain and focus on this new topic. Knitting. Okay. Obviously there was Muggle knitting and... more
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