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Tue Aug 7, 2018 21:04


The quiet, surprised squeak came as a result of the thick roll of paper that had unexpectedly launched itself right into his forehead. Technically the launching part had not been of very much surprise, because professor Boot had waved his wand. Whether Boot or another professor, wand-waving usually meant that something was going to happen. But the part where it smacked him in the head had been a big surprise to Anssi. And it had hurt! (Not that he would admit that in any way beyond the surprised noise he had made, because with or without his big brother around, he still knew better than to admit pain. It was rarely a smart thing to do.)

Rubbing his forehead, a layer of cropped blonde hair sticking up over his fingers, the slim Finno-Swede glanced to the side and was somewhat reassured to see that Dade was not paying him any attention. It was only somewhat, because Dade had not been paying him any attention when he made the effort to sit down beside him for class, either, even though he tried to smile at him in a friendly type of way. The fourth-year maybe also third-year really did not pay him attention at any time, though, not even in their self-defending club, so this wasn’t too strange. But also wasn’t too reassuring, especially when he looked back ahead to find one of the younger girls holding his paper roll and laughing at him.

With a whispered apology and another smile through redder cheeks, he scooted forward in his seat to take the paper back from her and then busied himself with trying to unroll it on the chair-arm-desk. Considering that their task was to write only five important things, it was too large of a paper. And considering that the chair-arm-desk was quite small, it was definitely too large. In fact it seemed to him to be longer than the blackboard was, and the blackboard timeline was about a goblin warrior or maybe leader or maybe just goat-raider (it was too easy for him to be losing track of which goblin did which things in which rebellion) but anyways, it was about an adult goblin who had a probably many times more eventful life than himself. Anssi wasn’t honestly sure how old a goblin had to be in order to be considered an adult, but he was going to be fourteen in a couple weeks and surely a rebel goblin had more than fourteen years of life experience, even if it was stuffed into less than fourteen years of age.

Having managed to unroll his paper enough that he could at least be drawing a good starting-line, he clicked his pen open and carefully marked a straight line down the middle of the paper. The instructions of professor Boot had been to start their timelines with being born, although being born apparently did not count as ‘important’ because all of the students had done it. That seemed a bit silly - wasn’t being born the most important thing? Maybe being conceived was more important, but since that happened before being born, he couldn’t include it. The blonde then paused and exhaled slowly while he thought for a moment about what the next most important thing could be. Dagny graduating from Durmstrang seemed like one, because that had meant she finally came home for good, or until she moved away with Jocke, but at least she was in the same country and he had finally been able to know her properly. Nothing would have been the same without that. Anssi decided to include it.

Another big one was when they moved to America, of course, and he had begun to write that down too but paused, because that led to Ruben agreeing to transfer to RMI for his last years which had been the gate for Mamma allowing him to study at RMI instead of a not-boarding school closer to the family. But would that count as ‘important’, since all of the students had also done that, even if they had done it in slightly different ways? He was saved from having to answer this question right away by a thumping noise followed by some cursing words, and turned to see that now Dade was rubbing his forehead too. And also glaring at him. Anssi wasn’t too off-put by that, because Dade glaring was more normal than Dade not glaring, and offered a tentative smile in response to his grumpy greeting.

“What do you want?”

“Nothing? I mean, I am having a question about what are important things, if you want to be helping with that. Specifically, does it count to write ‘coming to RMI’ as an important thing, because everyone has done this, the same as ‘being born’ is important but not for the timeline?” Anssi paused and shook his head, smiling a bit more freely as he edited, “But more important than timelines, are you okay? That sounded like a pain.”

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    • Do you have anything in mind? - Mikael Lundqvist, Tue Aug 7 21:04
      • I'll leave that to you - Dade, Wed Aug 8 13:21
        Overall, Dade wasn’t incredibly fond of Anssi but he didn’t hate the other boy either. He kind of thought Anssi was dumb, but Ruben was (a) almost scarier than Rose and (b) a good self-defense club... more
        • I'll try my best - Anssi, Tue Aug 14 21:28
          Although Dade answered his question about if coming to RMI was an important thing, he did not answer his other question about if Dade was okay after banging his head. That was not the most strange... more
          • Is that your best? - Dade, Thu Aug 16 20:59
            “Mm,” Dade grunted. But Anssi had made a good point, which did happen sometimes, even if it was rare and in very weird English. He hadn’t thought of the fact that real clubs had a staff sponsor. In... more
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